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April 20, 2005



Um, why tell the story and then NOT TELL US WHO WON??!!


Once More

Based on a few websites (incl Dodge's - so much for being partial)The 2005 Dodge Neon can do better than 9.

Consumer reports had 10.something but that was for the 2003 model, so I had to give it to Dan #1.

Dan #2 even as I am typing this says the bet was "inconclusive".

Once More

BTW - thanks Tim....because now that I have put this in writing, I have hurt Dan #2's feeling and Dan #1 is having a field day. And I have to work w/ these 2...
Hope you are happy.


Yep, I'm feeling pretty darned good about the whole thing.


I don't like your postings or epically any references about me. I am going to have my rival site set up. TWICE MORE WITH AGGRAVATION

Once More

1. what is "epically" - is that the cruel, medieval torture device from the 90s that painfully removed hair from women's legs?

2. I loved how you stopped by my desk, "yeah, I just posted on your website ....BYE!".
so brave, young grasshopper, so brave.

3. I am immune to your insults due to your insistence on wearing pleated pants.

Once More

p.s. - and didn't give you the f'n win? GEEZ.


epi·cal·ly adv.

Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size: “A vast musical panorama... it requires an epic musical understanding to do it justice” (Tim Page).
Heroic and impressive in quality: “Here in the courtroom... there was more of that epic atmosphere, the extra amperage of a special moment” (Scott Turow).

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