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October 19, 2005



I have several "Public Enemy" t-shirts and medallions in the wings, waiting for the big comeback. Remember, I am white.

Oh, and last year, I finally divested my closet of those odd "half boot" shoes that were Tres Classy in 1987 or so. I had three pairs.


Frankly, I'm still embarressed over the whole "french rolling" phenomenon. Aside from that, and some truly frightening eyeshadows (circa 1985 or so), not really...


I clean out my closet every season, so I don't have much in the way of mistakes anymore. And if they are then I don't know it yet. Although I do have my suspicions about the Uggs (which have pretty much become slippers at this point.)

I did love a nice stirrup pant back in the day. I read that leggings are "in" again, so maybe that particular style will come back around, as well. Yeehaw.


In my younger years, I was bridesmaid or maid of honor in about 10 weddings. For some reason, I held on to all of those bridesmaid dresses for a long time. Most of them I would have never, ever been able to use again -- some were pretty, but others were just horribly unattractive colors and cuts. Finally I thought -- what the heck am I keeping these for? -- and sent them to Goodwill to become part of someone's Prom Date from Hell Halloween costume.

I had a horrible fashion flashback this past weekend -- on a whim, I tried on a semi-cute military jacket. I thought it would be OK, but it reminded me of the horror of the 80s: big shoulder decor. The jacket had these epaulets that made me look like a linebacker. Not my best look!


Can I tell you how much I envy you having a family that would do that? Cut the offending sweatpants RIGHT OFF YOUR BODY?!? They must be a hilarious crowd at holidays. So funny. That's love, man.

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