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February 21, 2006


Shannon (Sentimental)

Oh I am jealous, do you know how often I see a vending machine. Barely. Can you send me a snickers while you are there please?


Do they carry poptarts? That's my poison.

It's good thing you live in MA. Otherwise you wouldn't be able to express your love for the vending machine in a legal manner.


I can't even look at those things. The one in our cafeteria has Hostess Fruit Pies and today I was staring off in space thinking "mmmmm Fruit Pies"


the Vending Machine Lunch...IS, the bane of my existence.

sickening how many nutty butty lunches i have had.

just sick.

Mrs. Harridan

Great, now I'm craving a Snickers. {shakes fist at computer}


God, and those Snickers, they really satisfy, don't they?



I'm laughing now because the subject of my post today was pants and binge eating.

Is there something going around?

Off to have a PopTart now.


I once had a job where I sat next to one of those wretched machines. I used to eat so poorly it was disgusting. Something like 12 snackwell sandwich cookies for lunch. With a diet coke chaser. I'd spend the rest of the day all high on fake sugar.


Our vending machine at work has strangely addictive honey buns. Oh, and Bugles! Damn, now I'm hungry.


I had a fricking moon pie craving the other day. It was the damndest thing -- that moon pie just jumped out of the vending machine at me. Of course, I had to put it out of its misery by chowing down.

Now I really want a snickers too...


I just remembered how I used to make lunch out of those neon orange cracker and peanut butter things. Ick.


I don't know, Jen-- every time I've worked on a crazy show and I have no time, I depend on the vending machine for sustenance. I call it my Snickers diet-- Snickers for breakfast, Snickers for lunch, and a sensible Snickers dinner. And you know what? I almost always lose ten pounds.

Nixie Knox

Omigod, there is this little box in the lounge in my school where treats are sold for 85¢. It calls to me all day long, "C'mon, Snickers, 85¢, what a deal." I always cave.

Gradual Gardener

Mmmm, candy. Heading off to the kitchen now...

Raider Mike

I am lucky enough to sit as far away from the one on our floor as possible. I like the fact that the folks who manage these beasts are willing to humor us with the "Healthy Option" stickers that are conveniently placed next to anything containing fruit. Oddly enough, at my last job, Hostess Suzy Q's were considered a "Healthy Option"? For who? Sheesh. Now I've gotta get my hands on a package of those, and a nice big glass of milk. Snooooooooooooozzeeee...
It is going to take someone wake me up from lunch.


there is only one guy who sits closer to this thing that I. By 11a.m. today I'd already tagged it for another bag a Lays. This sucks. I have to get some kind of early intervention but quick. the old job I was 2 floors away, so I hardly if ever went. sometimes laziness can work FOR me.

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