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February 12, 2006



Looks like you had a better time on Friday than I did on Saturday. ;)


How'd you get cut out of the glowy one? Was I taking that picture?


Roo and Melissa, you are gorgeous.

Jen, you're gorgeous too, but I've told you that before. ;-)


I am SOOOOOOO Jealous.

And Hey Jen- Nice Boobs in the first picture... and I know cleavage.


is that melissa????

did you meet up with her...or am i retarded?

don't answer the second part.


Dawn, if only those were mine. Roo can attest to that fact personally (and that came out wrong but if you've seen "the sweetest thing" w/ Christina Applegate it'll clear up what that means.
I am. A fraud.

Stella, yeah, we met Melissa in NYC too.

Roo, no idea if we tried to take that pic (more probable) or if someone else took a bad shot. either way, you need some sun, chick.

Thanks, Nance. I did use a Biore Clear Pore Strip on my nose the night before. Might explain how I "brought the pretty" that night.


You ladies are so gorgeous! Could Roo HAVE a bigger smile?

And I can totally see how John looks like George Clooney.

Post pictures of a room and ask us if you should clean it? That's crazy talk.


Holy crap, you guys are gorgeous. Roo, I am so ridiculously jealous of the hair. Jen, more pics of you next time, k?

I always MEANT to go to that bar. Dammit.


Yeaah, like no pictures of me in there. :-(


I know, I know--UNACEPTABLE!
I'll make it up next time, I promise!

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