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April 28, 2006


Liberal Banana

There's THE PURSE! And...are you wearing velvet?? (Looks good!)

Good luck watching two children - god knows I would be hyperventilating right now and possibly putting Child Welfare Services on speed dial. Can't wait to read how it goes!


velvet blazer, yep - courtesy AT Loft.


I didn't even notice the giant green purse! I was too distracted by the cuteness of you in that blazer. Purple is totally your color. Is it cold in the bar? Your friend's wearing a vest and a scarf, right? Not that there's anything wrong with that...


The two of you look very glam with your scorpion-bowl straws.


You two look like you are up to NO good in this photo.


so what's wrong with my vest and scarf?


Everyone LOVES my vest and scarf!


I think the vest and scarf are quite fashionable.


Elizabeth- thanks.
The bar didn't have a coatroom and all the tables were taken, so my guess I think that's partly why the vests stayed on.

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