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June 06, 2006



I am herewith adding "nipables" and "stump" to my vocabulary. I totally want to whip out the "stump" in a meeting... "We have come to a stump in the life of this project"... and see how people react.

Priceless, Jen. You give good bad love letter.


I can only imagine that "Lover" was adequately moved by this poetry to immediately fulfill her need to be "stacked gently". WTF?


There is nothing I could say to compare to this awesome letter.

(hey look at me...delurking...sort of!)


Sorry...still trying to find my "boby" so I can have it kissed softly and "allove".

Jen you are brilliant and I love you.

Just so ya know.


Liberal Banana

Damnit, Jen. I am laughing my ass off over here and if anyone in the office asks me why, I'm going to be too embarassed to tell them. "It has to do with nipables." It kind of sounds like a candy, no?


You should send this to Found Magazine! (www.foundmagazine.com)


Great blog... I laughed out loud several times.
You're a great writer.

~S :)


This is obviously Larry the Cable Guy's first wife. I wonder if he knew she was carrying on...? I say we forward this link to him, and look forward to the grudge match on pay per view.


Hey Earl,
You forgot to add this one to your list!Do her next, her Karma needs fix'n quick!

I think she went to Cheek and Chongs "Evalen Woodheads sped red'n course", where all the teachers say, "6 months ago I could not spell Techr, now I are one!"
Great fun, cool blog!


This woman doesn't need to be currised she needs a spell checker and a vibrator


Found Magazine was created for this moment. They will shut down after this one, as there will be no topping it. Oh. My. Dear. Currised. Lord.

Her words have currised me and I have never felt so womanly. Long live lonely nipables. They make such a great story. Wowie.


I dunno; competer aided drafting sounds kinda sexy. A set of twin girl--is that like a complete conjoined assemblance?

As a spay/neuter volunteer, I've seen many letters where people are requesting assistance to have their dogs and cats "spaded" and "nudered".

Now she 29 1/2 year old. May be now she have do some more thing an have new boy friend who make her feel good on the in side & out.

Does anyone else think of Pootie Tang when they read this?

Fraulein N

So. Damn. Funny.


What I really don't get is how the heck she can be such a terrible speller and yet have such a good job? HMMMMM....Of course that is not the only thing about that letter that I do not understand but that is ok, I think I'd rather not.....LOL.


Fraulein N sent this link to me yesterday and I have to say, this is SO FUNNY. The letter itself is funny, but your comments on it are awesome. I have to go back and catch up on more of your blog. Thanks for the hearty Saturday morning laugh! :)

elizabeth-flourish in progress

You know that feeling you get when you're on a roller coaster and you've just made that slow climb up the biggest hill and you're about to descend really, really fast. That's the feeling I had right before reading this awesome letter.

Now, I feel the way you do when you get off the roller coaster and you realize you probably shouldn't have eaten the chili cheese dog, churro, pepperoni pizza and frozen lemonade right before getting on the ride.....woozy with a slight head spin.

This made my Saturday.

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