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June 13, 2006


Liberal Banana

How awful that his wife's profile is on Match! That's f*cked up. I'm glad he's handling it well...Blech.


yes, as you can guess, the family is less than impressed. I believe it references her as a "princess" and that she had a great best feature was her eyes and butt (trust me, her butt is not her best feature). Maybe the butt comment was soemthing she'd written on her MySpace profile? I dunno.


Best movie ever. The Jerk's rules to live by:

1. Lord loves a working man.
2. Don't trust Whitey
3. See a doctor and get rid of it.


We need video to witness the lip synching.

At least your bro is helpful. I won't even comment on mine and how he was at the beach. I cut him some slack because of his own drama, but still...

Speaking of which, can you search MySpace by name? I might have to check it out to see if my own family members can be located there.


i wanna see "M"'s profile on Match.....Mom's I might be able to do without but I wanna see the princess...how do I find it???? it's not something I have to PAY for right?


When we meet in person, I will show you my Mom's profile on a dating service. But you have to get me drunk first. And if my husband doesn't shape the fuck up, I may be in the market for a new man. Let your bro know.

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