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November 01, 2006



LOL at the orange nipples. That is so funny. I can't believe your parents didn't have you place them 'elsewhere' on your body! LOL.

... made for a great family memory though! :)


I'm glad you found your jeans. That's actually pretty cool.
I'm trying to think of how you might incorporate the Fun Box concept into next year's costume. Perhaps in conjunction with the orange stickers...


Can't. stop. laughing.


is it just me, or does my baby brother look a litttle shell shocked from my costume?


Yeah, his eyes look like they're about to pop out of his head. Hillarious. Aren't you glad your parents documented it for you too?


I am seriously LOL'ing because of that picture. The make up the stickers -- the whole thing. Classic!


I think that was Brian's first cry for help, pleading with the camera "pleeeeeeease do not leave me with these insane FEMALES....why must I too have rouge on my cheeks???? it is not normal!!!"


It makes perfect sense to me. Any woman who would apply makeup with such a broad stroke, would not take issue with reflective pasties.


Holy shit. Where to start?

Gap Bag. I had this feeling you would eventually be reunited with that bag. That was almost as bad as losing your car at the mall.

Sticker pasties. Nice touch. I bet you were popular at all the sock hops.

Someone eventually confiscated your Mom's rouge and blue eyeshadow eventually, right?


Oh, that's funny.



I mean, poor young Jen, sent out with reflective nipples.


But I am glad you found your Gap bag. :-)


And seriously, I cannot BELIEVE the Gap bag is back! Whew.


Okay, so fess up - was the 'in the suitcase' maneuver just a little trick you used in order to go out and buy twice as many clothes?

I, for one, love your fifth grade costume. And you seriously should think about marketing those reflective pasties.


Dude. Make Mike fess up about the golf clubs too. Cause I sense he knows where they are.

Nice tits.

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