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January 01, 2007



Great pictures. I'm so glad the Dyson could join us during the party. Also, how cool is it that I let my cat share my seat during a formal-ish dinner party? Answer--not that great. Sort of gross, actually.

There was no dancing. Just a rousing game of 80s pop culture trivia and me sneaking off to bed to pass very quietly out. A fine success!


I can only speak to the qwality of the digital rebel and the rebel line in general. I really like the quality (but that's likely because it's an SLR). The f-stop setting is kinda annoying and hard to figure out at first (I'm coming from an olympus background, the fstop is right on the lens and I've grown accustomed to it). The CCD is top notch, you won't get anything like it on point and shoot. The interface can be needlessly complex, but that's where the class might help ya out. Either way, get an SLR, it's a huge step in the quality of output you get.


Isn't John cute? You should see him in his little business suite and little business hat and tiny brief case...goshdarned adorable!


From the pictures I can safely assert that your New Years was one helluva lot more exiting than mine.


Once again Jess impressed with her lovely hostess abilities (and Dyson handling.) And once again, Jen, you captured some fine moments. Sorry you were feeling bad and had to leave the party before general mayhem ensued.

Happy New Year!!


John, thanks for the insight there. There is a LOT of Nikon vs. Canon stuff out there, much of which is a little over my head. I'm sure either way I can't go wrong, but my state of second guessing has brought me to the point of intertia. But spending $800 isn't something you just "want to pull the trigger" on just for the sake of making a call.


You guys look like grown ups and shit.

Happy 2007! May you keep your resolutions, avoid hangovers and not get sick.


Happy New Year, DBF!

Sorry I never wrote you back (AGAIN. GOD) But I totally downloaded Freedom.

That's what you get!


Happy New Year Jen! All the best to you for 2007.

I wish I could get out of bed in the morning... I may just adopt your Just Do It idea.

Re camera. I've got the D50. I love it. I am not knowledgeable enough to know if I am missing what the D70 and the D80 offers.

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