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February 15, 2007



Now, how did I know that's the film he meant. I dare him to watch it and not sob! (girls go into the great "heaving shoulders, snotty, suck your lower lip, under your top teeth repeatedly" cry...Oh, it's good.


Second only to Steel Magnolias for total tissue count (even if it was totally formulaic and I figured out the big "twist" in the first five milliseconds).

I'm totally calling it The Newsletter from now on.


the thing is, he HAS watched it once with me. I could have sworn he liked it. UH, guess I remembered wrong.

Also, James Garner...man, he got my tears. blubbering like a baby.


the newsletter!? ha thats awesome I had to laugh out loud. is he a corporate guy. thats a total buzzword :-)


James Garner, oh man...from the 50s in "Maverick" through "Rockford Files" to today's bald with a paunch...just something sweet and sincere about him. Gotta love him.


Okay, so I had to draw the line somewhere.

I admit it I liked Notting Hill, I thought Sweetest Thing was funny in my own twisted mind. But the "Newsletter" is where we draw the line, well that and Save the Last Dance.


I have to back up Mike here, "The movie focuses on an old man reading a story to an old woman in a nursing home" -imdb End of story right there my friends.


HA! I lol'd. For reals. I thought that movie blew major bung, but still...how can you NOT LOVE Save the Last Dance? That's just gold.

Have you seen Center Stage? Mike would SO not love it. Rent it!


I've seen Center Stage at least twice actually.
p.s. I do not recommend watching "The Newsletter" before heading off to soccer. You will not exactly feel "pumped" to play.

Fraulein N

Fo some reason, I knew which movie he meant too. Heh.


Save the Last Dance was hot. Mike, you seriously need to check it out. Julia Styles was rockin' it.

The Newsletter... I'm going to be lauging about that for a long time.


The Newsletter! I loved that movie! The one about the news...paper. Oh wait, that was Citizen Kane. I loved that movie!

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