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October 30, 2007



I went to law school with a girl we called "Tigger." She wore Tigger clothing 4 times a week, and her license plate said TIGGR. She was in her late 20s and had no children. Also, she had no boyfriend. I wonder why.


okay YOU GOT ME. Papelbon is TOTES ADORABLE. Sigh.


My husband had a coworker once who applied for jobs every 6 months at the Disney Store, even if they weren't hiring. Working at the Disney Store was her DREAM JOB. And our friend Susan is so insane over Tigger, I'm surprised she didn't name her son Tigger. The jackets? With the leather arms? On grown ups? NO.

And please to be telling me, who exactly is Papelbon?


I had a friend too that would wear all sorts of stuff from the Disney store: including (I shit you not) embroidered overalls. might I add she was in her late 20s? She looked like an overgrown toddler. And yeah, she had the Pooh varsity jacket too. Maybe Pooh was her boyfriend, I'm not sure.

I have a retro Mickey t-shirt, but that's where I draw the line.


Tim went to a Mickey Mouse inspired wedding. Right down to the mouse head/ears outline on the invitations. The bridesmaids wore red and black and the bride had a dance with a person in a mickey mouse costume. Guess where they went on their honeymoon?


Giggling! I think Dawn was in that wedding, Meg. Disney clothes on grown adults are scary.


God, I agree. I think ANY CARTOON CHARACTER on a coat or sweatshirt a grownup is wearing is unacceptable. Have you seen the Disney ones? I do not, and will never, understand.


I didn't mean Disney, I meant Looney Tunes. Those seem to be popular. And UGLY.


as in Dropkick Murphys the punk band??? ahh...1994. My very first stage diving experience at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg Florida.

They didn't catch me and I hit the concrete floor. That was it for me.


Word. That bothers me almost as much as grown women who go apeshit over the American Idol contestants like Clay Aiken. Ew.


TB, for seriously.

Elizabeth: closing pitcher for the Sox who can "walk the walk"


I worked with someone who had a Mickey Mouse themed wedding. I wonder if it was the same one? They also went to Disney for their honeymoon.


Dawn was in that wedding.

Also, have you seen the princess inspired wedding gowns? I'm sorry, but this is taking the whole "wanting to get married and look like Cinderella since I was a little girl" thing a little too far. BARF.

Fraulein N

And I thought it was just the men out there that needed to grow up. No grown woman looks good in a Pooh coat. Just ... no.


People who wear disney clothing are bizarre. A relative of mine wore this stuff and it did much in the way of emphasizing her girth.

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