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December 04, 2007



always knew he was a patient man. And his love for you truly knows no limits.....


but that's important stuff! Will Brody really delete all those girls out of his phone? doubt it! Lauren I love you, he's no good though. Totally cute, but no good for an actual boyfriend.

Ahem, the Pats always win, so there.


Aha! I shall immediately email him and question his manhood!

Thank you so much.


Wow. That NEVER, EVER would have happened at my house. Of course I would have the option to go down stairs to watch my show of choice, but I wouldn't have been all snuggley in bed.


Now that is some serious love right there!


Lucky for me, my wife doesn't watch The Hills.


That reminds me. It's time to tie my husband down for the annual viewing of "Love Actually."

Nic (bridehood)

That is true love.

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