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April 29, 2011


jess (formerly fancypants)

Love it. I interviewed Alice about the same, and played it cool. She had little to say about the dress, but to be fair, she has very little to say about anything at this point.


They saying "if you can't saying anything nice...", right?

For that, I am glad I didn't have the camera on her for the 1st kiss. She just rolled her eyes and was all, "what, no tongue?"

Ah, kids...


Kate's dress gets 1 raspberry from this fashion critic, eh?

I thought it was lovely, myself--
a huge improvement over the poofy figure-swallowing meringue her erstwhile mother-in-law favored...

P.S.-- Jess, I miss your blog!

elizabeth-flourish in progress

she certainly had a lot to say on the royal wedding. i definitely shared a lot of her opinions. =)

Lupus Symptoms In Women

Wow! One of the toughest fashion critics in the industry! But one of the cutest too! :)


Tia G

Oh, I love your posts! How awesome!

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