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April 12, 2005



my "sebaticals" tend to last longer than yours....like by YEARS....I can only offer this advice. When you do go back (and I know you will) do NOT i repeat do NOT bring a perky little blonde friend with you named Amy...Amy who works out for a LIVING (not really but works out enough to bug me). We took kickboxing together...figured she'd be a good motivator to keep me showin' up....not so....well I mean she motivated me...to want to trip her when she started showing the instructor "power moves" to do during differnt exercise sets.....After a few weeks of that I didn't invite Amy to come with me. We both knew why, we would have never made it as friends....

Once More

I am in so much pain right now. The thuoght of stairs makes me wince. I look like an idiot getting on and off the bus because I have to hoist or lower myself on/off - slowly. This class was such a stupid idea.

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