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April 19, 2005



Kissing Clark Kent WHERE?

Once More

Actually, I had the hots for the kid who played Tommy (Philip McKeon) from the show "Alice". Superman wasn't exactly doing it for me. Or Scott Baio would have been nice.


This is my favorite one yet! Perhaps because I'm relating from the other side...as the harried mother who just kept adding one more beginner each summer. (Apparently boys don't care that they're 4'6" tall and in with kids wearing "pull-ups"). I would bribe them with anything at my disposal, if they would only jump off the damn dock! Thet would tease me...get all my mother hopes and dreams up, make a run down the dock, then come to a screeching halt, only to repeat the process over and over, till other mothers threatened to have us blackballed from the town lake. Only 1 out of 5 ever got the GD beginner's certificate...and that took place in a pool, with no dock. It is my firm belief that the others only learned BECAUSE of the snapping turtles and eels at the lakes of boyscout camps. (No, it couldn't have anything to do with the absence of an overenthusiastic mother present)!

Once More

Fear has always been an excellent motivator. This time, it just didn't go my way. And now I am a 32 year-old who WON'T LET IT GO.


Hey! I resemble that remark......

And for your information, the lifeguards had a rescue pole that had been snapped by the aforementioned turtle. in 1/2. Tell me that's not motivation to keep your sailboat from flipping over in the middle of the lake.

I beleive his name was albert. or maybe it was clyde. In any case, my controled flailing of arms and legs could push the tipped boat back over way faster then that silly "crawl" stroke they kept selling.

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