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June 07, 2005



Heh. I wish I had thought of that.


Kris and I called you one day to sing you the Huey Lewis song that was on at the time. "do yoooooooou believe in loooooooove...." per usual you didn't pick up. Next time we'll leave it on voicemail.


Ha! My husband loves to leave these lovely messages on my phone - just some sort of funky music (Snoop Dog, Curtis Mayfield...). Worst thing is, I actually listen to the entire musical excerpt waiting for a message, but there never is one. So lately I have been listening to this cheesy station on my way home from work, waiting for the perfect song to record on his voicemail- so far: "On the Dark Side", and that "Kyrie Eleison..." song.

Once More

It's amazing my gynocological stuff, no one cares. But tell people you used to like Huey and THAT'S what garners you the Freak Crown. I had totally forgotten about it and when I got the call wasn't told why to put on the radio. Kate was so happy and giddy I actually thought she'd won something or some big news was being broadcasted to the point I was trippin over stuff to get to the radio as quckly as possible. Never even occurred to me that I was being set up.



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