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June 01, 2005



Omygod, Jen the best/funniest part of you is your honesty. It's not as if we haven't all had identical (generation appropriate...e.g substitute Fluff for canned frosting, Fritos for Tostitos, Bosco for, well pretty much anything ) grocery lists as yours...it's just seeing them in print that makes us laugh at ourselves.
I do feel it's important to give you the benefit of my years re: men/women vs.staying in shape however. It boils down to this. Girls diet throughout their teen years, go to college, gain 10-15 lbs, take "The Myth of Womanhood" course (It goes by many names)....become enlightened, learn to "love their curves" etc. Many, eventually become pregnant, have beautiful children and find themselves dieting and working out all over again, repeating the teen years as it were. I, myself was able to combine abdominal crunches while still supporting the anti war movement...a slick economical, yet politically saavy move, thanks to the Jane Fonda workout tapes. This process repeats itself ad naseum (see what I did there...pregnancy/naseum) till your childbearing years are through and you are left with "the best you could do", which in my case is "the 5 baby belly" (not unlike the popular "5 bean salad" found in so many of your church cookbooks). My point, and I do have one, is that throughout this often grueling process, your man is at your side, beer in hand, watching with a quizical look on his face, wondering what all the fuss is about. When we hit, about 50, it's looking like another course on the Myth of Womanhood might be a good idea. This time, I'm, thinkin I'll teach it.
My insanity all became clear to me a couple of months ago, when I had to rush George to the ER with a kidney stone. He was in excruciating pain. Finally, (before he was actually diagnosed) the pain meds kicked in. He was lying on the gurney, pants unzipped, 'lil belly hangin' out, when this perky 20 yr. old nurse does a double take and comes back and looks at him and says "oh my, is your belly distended?" George calmly looks down at said, plump belly and blithly says "no, it's always like that". End of question. End of issue. Back to relaxing...I would have soooo sucked in my gut,all the while knowing that I would never again see that dumbass perky 20 yr. old nurse again.....Vowed to get back on the treadmill when I got home and started another friggen diet! There is a reason we never hear of a course called "The Myth of Manhood".

Once More

I don't have the discipline for a real diet tho I have been eating a lot of junk lately and not getting my ass off the couch, neither is really like me (I mean, I eat *some* junk food but lately I've been on a tear) I don't think this weather has helped my motivation and spirits - esp. as I can still hide in jeans and sweatshirts even though IT'S (hello!) JUNE. And now it's summer and now it's like "Oh Shit, I really should have maybe NOT WATCHED BRITNEY'S SHOW AND GONE TO THE GYM." Come to think of it, that first part is just good advice.


Wait, Not to spoil the good times, but you never confirm that you actually made it to the gym in the morning. You simply state "...This whole other world - this subculture of people who work out before noon (!)" Ha! Now that is investigative journalism.....so did you REALLY go to the gym?

Once More

I infact, did. Lightning appears to have struck twice cuz I went again after work.

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