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July 06, 2005



this is a very sensitive topic for me as well (still have a hard time talking about it.) i recently needed two root canals, two crowns and a filling or two. unfortunately my insurance only covers $2000 for the year, fine for most normal people, my bill was over $5000 after one visit... omg: i just got really, really mad all over again! feel for you...

Once More

last year's trauma was the root canal/crown which when all was said & done, was $1000 to me. Then there was teh 4 cavities I needed filled which when I think of it, I just saved myself from that because they would have just gotten yanked anyway. I have to hope that I have enough coverage not to get sacked too hard, otherwise, that's where my tax refund is going - and where's the joy in that???


Couldn't hurt checking out if your regular medical coverage does any cross over coverage, like it usually does when the wisdom teeth are unerrupted...maybe even just for the anesthesia.
Paying dentist bills with a tax refund is like buying underwear with your allowance.

Once More

You know what's weird - I am an UNDERWRITER by trade and I can't tell what I have for coverage!! One place says 60% for "major" (huh. I guess I would assume this is) another place says no co-pay if I stay in network (tho no pretty, pretty drugs included beyond novacaine). Oh, and ther is NOT ONE guy in Boston who is approved in network. The hell? How is that possible? A bazillion docs in boston and *none of them* are approved by Aetna DMO to pull a few lousy teeth??


You know what's funny? You guys are talking about the bill, and I'm sitting here sweating for you over the actual procedure and thinking about PAIN. I tend to get panic attacks when I even have to say the word "dentist" out loud.

Once More

hitting me in the wallet is a lot worse than hitting me in the face (so long as I know I can get drugs).
just learned the procedure is covered 100%, drugs beyond novicane 60% covered.
I have a feeling I'l be actign out the scene from What About Bob on the bus, "Hi, I'm Bob. Will you knock me out?"

Once More

teeth are f*cking killing me right now. have to wait til 7/19 for a consult.


i am in pain reading this! Good luck.

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