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July 22, 2005



I would think that the longest sentence, well, anywhere--would be in german. i could be wrong about that. i'm not googling it. Ich bin faul.

also, give dickens a second chance. i was unimpressed in high school, but Great Expectations is fantastic, and yes, you might have to get used to the idea of
serialized novels, but dickens wrote some seriously good stuff. How could you not love the freaking effed up Miss Havisham??? and truly, the way some of these modern novelists crank out the material--well, let's just say the times, they ain't so different.

you knew I was going to respond to this post. and at length.

Once More

yeah, my temporment is *probably* a little different than that of my 15 year old self - and I'll assume that's a good thing. And I did (as an act of my own volition) start to read Anna K. and tho I could manage it, got to page 50 something and stopped. This may have contributed to me being daunted by "long winded" writers (Hello, Ayn Rand). And while I'm certain these stories (dickens') are amazing, coupled w/ the fact that I *can* read 300+ pages in a week (on the bus and 1 day at the beach just recently) and therefore, deep down somewhere in me (probably behind my gall bladder) I know I have the discipline, but..., I don't know...dude....*Dickens*???...
G.E - can I at least see the Gwenyth Paltrow/Ethan Hawke movie first?? ;)
I am also daunted by YOUR rec of same cuz I'm prettty sure "Middlemarch" is in your Top 5 and if I'm not mistaken even that gives the *Bible* a run for its money in terms of length.


that movie was the worst. but gwynnie always irritates me.

i guess it's an acquired taste. But I think that you would like Great Expectations. I do. it's really funny, if you can believe it.

Middlemarch is soooo long. but yes, I love it. but the two are very, very different. Remember, CD was like the----I dunno----stephen king of his day. so he is more accessible. Even if you weren't born in the 19th century.


I also have to admit enjoying Dickens. But it's true that if you read it in bed, the book might fall on your face a couple of times.

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