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July 07, 2005



Yes, Tom, you certainly are a lucky (and brainwashed) man. Next time you run into a biploar teenager, in a manic rage,threatening your life, with a knife...give him/her a Flintstone vitamin and suggest a few jumping jacks and let me know how ya make out with that. Also, for a man who "knows the history of psychiatry", you might want to brush up on your knowledge of prescription drugs. Neither Adderal nor Ritalin nor any antidepressant comes under the category of antipsychotic drugs. Isn't it easy to have all the answers when life goes your way? Courage and intelligence, thy name is Brooke!


I missed the interview on television...so reading the transcript was my first full view of the story. I found myself smacking the computer screen in an effort to get him to shut up and stop hurting my brain. The only way katie holmes could stay with such a person if she was ON antipsychotic drugs. I wonder if he knows her secret. HE IS INSANE and I hear the movie was terrible . This was not the Tom Cruise from Cocktail I once knew and loved. He may not know it yet, but it is so over for us.he is no longer my imaginary boyfriend number 22. So long sucker.

Once More

yeah, I don't know how a depressed/suicidal woman is gonna want to get up and go for a run. Heck, I'm healthy and even *I* don't wanna. And I'm thinking if you have succeeded with a suicide, um, your ability to take said vitamins and do said exercises decreases exponentially. Just my $.02 on that. I could be wrong as, you know, I didn't study psychiatry (at The School of L. Ron Hubbard.)
Yeah, I was gonna rant on this but I think it's so beyond tearing his "argument" apart that it'd be the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel - none too satisfying.
He is just an arrogant, condescending, uniformed jerkoff who will never again see a dime from me to see his films.

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