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September 19, 2005



Photographers do not need doors. They are trying to get out of them. This is a sign.

Once More

My friend Mare just e-mailed me:
"Concerning Emily's office, I think perhaps they are thinking she may need the privacy should her daughter arrive a bit early.

I personally if given the opportunity, would have to turn down an office so I can be out on the floor keeping track of the gossip."

Both very salient points as well.

I'm happy FOR her but I am 5 years older and she still plays with her My Pretty Pony and listens to Debbie Gibson. How does that work??


Muwahahahhaha! Perfect.


Having a door isn't all that is is cracked up to be! Mine is paper thin and doesn't close all the way- making it basically useless! I can hear conversations through the wall, and people keep knocking on the door all day when it is closed so I just leave it open.

Once More

I can hang in the cube farm. I just think it's the fact that my *baby sister* has one before me. I mean, aren't there rules for siblings where you can't milestones hop over the older kid? I'm pretty sure that's written somewhere. Cool for her - and I mean that sincerely. That said, I wonder if work would mind if I set up a tent.


Okay FIRST of all Jennifer, I bought the My Pretty Pony for our NIECE! no I swear I did....and Debbie Gibson??? I can not help it if it comes on during the "way back weekend" and I sing it at the top of my lungs....those songs are classics. Second of all, I honestly think they are preparing for pregnant woman to begin to get VERY cranky and they figure isolating me from general population is best for all parties involved (the guy that sits next to me does this thing with his calculator that DRIVES ME INSANE!!! and I tell him so). Although next time you're in CT for work give me a ring maybe we can grab some coffee and drink it ....in my OFFICE BIATCH!
Honestly the St. Patrick's Day Baby Shower works for me, as I said before....then I can have some cocktails too!!

Once More

Em- your comment made me choke on my coffee...."in my OFFICE BIATCH". Hee.

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