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September 19, 2005



Kris and I were in the grocery store some time ago and I saw them there....It was like a light shone down from heaven onto the freezer section of "frozen novelty desserts". He didn't understand why I had to immediately grab the cell phone and begin furiously dialing your number and Kate's number to try and inform you of the blessed return or our dear friend The Jello Pudding Pop. That was the first time I was not scolded for putting something in the cart that we didn't have a coupon for and wasn't on sale. Someone is looking out for us (and I'm glad to see that Mike understands)


You may need to re-callibrate the ipod to get it's lil brain to jive w/ the battery. Let the thing play down till its totally dead and cant be started up again. then plug it into wall power (not usb or firewire). Charge till full. Run it till it's dead again. (you dont need to keep it on all the time, but dont do a top-off charge till it's completely dead again).


I'm soooo goin to ralphs this afternoon.


I totally meant to tell you about the whole recalibratin' thing but forgot to.... duh so obvious that that was what you needed to do...so yeah do what he said....


Aww, I love it when west coast cousins talk to east coast ones...so, it's geek stuff an' pudding pops that does it. Who knew?...that and weddings.


Yum pudding pops. I'm also a closet Kelly Clarkson fan. Guess my secrets out now.


THERE ARE PUDDING POPS!?!? WHERE?!?!? God almighty, do I LOVE pudding pops. Yum.

And I am digging how diseases are all going by initials now. Do you know how *hard* it is to say: "Multiple Sclerosis?" Go ahead - say it fast. It's a nightmare. For the first year I was diagnosed, I kept confusing it with "scoliosis." Yes, Beth, you have multiple curvatures of the spine. Duh.

Once More

Beth, funny you mention that, b/c in jr. high they did the scoliosis check and I was one of those kids that got "the callback" due to a noticed slight curvature of the spine (they chalked it up to me being a walker. With a wee frame and carrying book bags and/or a LARGE band instrument on the same side 3 miles a day, it could mess w/ your spine). Anyway- I am certain I have interchanged sclerosis and scoliosis too(now that I think of it, would explain the look of surprise when I told people I had sclerosis and they said "are you sure?"). Guess my typo could have been worse - I could have said the man died of A-S-S.

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