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October 09, 2005



Oh my gosh. How hysterical and frustrating. I have been there with my parents, who live 6 hours away. I will now hand the phone over to my husband (not his parents so he has a modicum more of patience) so he can walk them through something simple, because I just can't take it.

My dad is the worse of the two -- he doesn't know how to enter a URL into a browser. Once he can get to a site (after my mom puts in the URL for him), he can navigate using links, but he doesn't get the scroll feature on the mouse. He'll use the mouse button to click, click, click, click to view EACH LINE OF TEXT as he's reading an article. It drives me nuts and I have to leave the room.

On the bright side, my 3 1/2 year old's all but figured out how to program our computer. :-)


Hilarious-you just had me laughing out loud-have your told your mom about your blog, yet?


Sarah, no she's doesn't know about this site and will prob. keep it that way(unless she realizes the power that is google stalking. then I'm screwed).
Nancy, we've had the phone convesation (wherein I gave her a pop quiz) but I have to remind myself that I have to tell her stuff like "use the Left click on the mouse, not the right." Walking thru stuff on the phone is beyond insanse, cuz I'm all "See xyz?" and I know it's there and she'll say "no". "Mom, it's there." "No it isn't". repeat that sound bite about 18 times. GAH.
Yeah, it's scary what the kids are capable of - I'm waiting for the day my 3 yr old niece starts to show me computer tricks. By my watch that should be any moment now.


I don't know if 1) my geek sons are suddenly balancing out my decent traits with my ignorance of all things that come with a plug and have decided to be kind or 2) are emailing you privately with uproariously funny, computer stories at my expense or 3) haven't gotten around to reading this blog entry yet or 4) realize that I still posess humiliating potty training photos of each of them that I now know how to "attach"....whichever works. I'm grateful


I am SURE they have been reading but they have taken the high road and have decided to be good children and not share any stories regarding you and the computer....that and the fear of potty training photos might be stronger than you realize.....But I'm sure it's because they are being good sons....

Once More

Ter, I think they're just thrilled you know who the Sox are.
btw, I didn't really drink a scotch (just sounded like the thing to do given my state of mind). I did, however, order a glass of wine, and then another which went untouched. still reeling, felt the need to ask if I could get it "To Go" in a "sippy cup".


It's been a while since I laughed so long and hard. Thanks to you, I'm suddenly feeling a lot less tense. The ironic thing is that I'm laughing at your experience, but I'm seeing it from your mother's perspective too because my daughter taught me a lot about what I know about computers. So, your story reminded me of some of our early experiences. Ha,ha,ha. Like the time she was trying to explain how to copy & paste. I can't even get into that whole story right now. But, I'm sure you can imagine it after what you've been through with your mom. (smile)
I've come a long way since then, but every now and then my daughter still has to show me how to do something online. And sometimes we're about ready to kill each other when the 'lesson' is over. Ha,ha,ha.

Now, one of these days, I'll have to start blogging about a mother and daughter working together. I can't share any of the stories right now, because my daughter would have a fit. But one day I'll have to write a tell-all book. It'll be hilarious.

Good luck with your mom. And thanks so much for the great laugh you gave me today. I really needed it.
- Dorez

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