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October 28, 2005



I like the shoes, cause' ribbons, you know. I've been burned by target clothes in the past. stuff that looks hot in house ends up fitting ill, pilling, looking suddenly omg this is the cheapest thing ever later. But never shoes. The shoes I buy there are right every single time. does the bow come in other colors?

Also? argyle is my new favorite and I want a wardrobe full of it.

Sweater looks sehr cute.


the clothes? oh, they'll hold, they'll hold (target loves me, remember? well, he didn't comeout say SAY that but he did say that I was special and he'd call me in the morning). Besides, worst case scenario, I have mike's duct tape to de-pill the sweater if I needed to. Did you already forget about the duct tape?

gave you the 411 in e-mail. marshalls is some good shoe shoppin these days.


Man, I tried on those same exact shoes. They are the cutest! Love the ribbon thing. But I think Target was starting to crush on you because it just wasn't working for me that night, and I left empty handed.

I'm dying to get out to TJ Maxx and Marshalls... maybe I can drag the rugrats out today while J's out of town. I need a serious clothing and shoe fix.

Love the imaginary argyle too.


Who knew orange and purple looked so well together? Also, and this is not meant to be negative, are those slippers or shoes? Either way, I like 'em. Finally, we share the same patron saint. I'm really, really bad about stuff like that... Heading to a friends house with a late birthday gift and then remember that I have no card, or gift wrapping. I have to stop on the way to pick up said giftwrap or card, making me twice as late...and now I have to wrap gift and write out card against steering wheel.


I luv me some Target too. Bought my belated Anniversary gift from my husband on Friday - a new Digital camera. Thanks Hon! And some nice candles, cause you can never have too many candles - well maybe but they were on clearance and I wanted to look at the sweaters, cause I want a zipper sweater, but I was being bum rushed out by now crabby ( having his own melt down ala Toddlers) hub.

Sigh. I could live in Target. Like the Mole People.


Oh...And the Nine West Outlet in Kittery is having some NICE shoe sales - just an FYI.

Those shoes make me wish I wore flats. But alas. I don't.


Meg- they're shoes tho they're so comfy they feel like they're slippers. Also, I can't recall the last time I wrapped a present - gift bags are a Behind the 8-ball Girl's best friend (and I save/reuse them from gifts I get, so it saves me the CVS run). look at me, all Helpful Hints from Heloise.
Dawn- Do NOT tell me that. I live an hour from there. I'll do it. Oh, I will. (hopefully Mike doesn't read the comments.)

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