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October 30, 2005



These pictures are great! Your friend Suz really went for it, didn't she? And Tim!
BEST Costume indeed!

But what may I ask does Mike have on his head?

Pretty sexy legs in that last picture :)


I sort of wish my undewear wasn't visible in the first picture. But I guess it is sort of apperpo, right Jen?

*still laughing at my own jokes over here*


Love Tim's costume. And that's some serious red hair on Meg!

Yeah, I could see the Daisy Duke thing too. You are pretty damn cute.

Once More

thanks , ladies.
Mike has a visor flipped upside down. He had on a hideous bright orange zipup jacket that said "brooklyn" on it for his rapper costume. I think we're the "mailed it in" couple winners.
keep it up, jess. keeeeep it up.


I loved my red hair. I want to wear that wig every day.

Jen, you got my vote for cutest costume. You were definitly too adorable with those pigtails.


Looks like quite the party. I second the "cutest costume" comment... adorable! (Sigh) How I wish I could have worn a "normal" Halloween costume! Instead, the "brick layer" got to puke all over the "brick house" ...I don't think that's what the costume was SUPPOSED to suggest. (sigh again) Yep. An action-free evening for Hill. Aside from the vomit, that is. You don't want to know.


Hmm...looks like those "spider legs" you refer to in your childhood, baseball picture worked out pretty well, after all, cutie!


Hee-hee, thanks for the Halloween pictures. Look like you guys had a fun time!

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