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October 06, 2005



Glad things are looking better, Jen. Sisters and 3 year olds can do that sometimes.


I hope it's not wrong that I laughed at your story of the sweaty bus trip, missing deodorant, and fire drill. It just sounds so much like something that would happen to me, except I wouldn't be able to tell it with such humor and lightness. :-)

I am glad you are having a better end of the week!


When Sarah asked me to read her a story, the other day, I asked her to go get my reading glasses, from the kitchen counter. We read the story and all went well. Hours later, she started to "read" herself a book...abruptly stopped, went upstairs and came down sporting jazzy sunglasses and continued her book without saying a word. She just kills me!


sometimes the talky talkiness of incessant talking on Gilmore Girls puts me in a trance, too. Poor sarah.

TomKat + baby = there is no God.


yeah, I think Kate said she's likes the quick chatter of the show. SHe also likes Rory. Maybe b/c Rory has a baby talk she can identify with.
The TomKat thing? I can't even talk about it. I think this is what they call "shock" (I'm so cold....so very, very cold....")

Nancy - oh, feel free to laugh - I was (tho think they call it "hysteria". heh). Like, you remeber that scene in Forrest Gump where Lt. Dan is on the top of Gump's shrimp boat riding during the hurricane and talking to God all crazy like - "C'mon! You call this a storm?! Blow you sonofabitch! BLOW! " ? that was me as I walked down 60-some odd sets of stairs.

Samantha Sheldon

Oh my God. I'm so disappointed you didn't try to convert me! Ilana told me about this page... She found it by Googling herself!

For more info on me, check out my myspace page: www.myspace.com/samanthasheldon

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