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October 25, 2005



Yes -- Every. Damn. Day.

If the "seat" were more comfy I'd take little naps there during the slow periods. I'm not sure anyone would miss me.


No, but I do just wander to the downstairs ladies room from time to time, just to kill a few minutes during the day. My whole office probably thinks I have IBS or something...Nope, really just a slacker! =)


Oh my goodness, so sorry about the comment spam. TypePad's messed up this morning and it (I thought) kept rejecting my comment.

Once More

don't get me going (heh. heh, heh - I am 12) on typepad and misbehavin comments. it's also decided to randomly delete too (this weekend). WTF. so just don't think I'M doing it. (fixed the spam thing)

I swear, sometimes I think I could take a nap in there too (provided it's empty). And TMI notwithstanding, a magazine rack would be a nice touch. (hey, if guys can walk in w/a paper...)


I walk downstairs to the less popular single handicap bathroom and think "They'll never find me in here..."


I always think..."I hope nothing happens to the buidling while I have my pants down". But I only think this when I'm at the office. Weird? I think so.

D to the Fizzle

Is that why you're never at your desk..

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