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November 30, 2005



You know, the worst part of the whole TomKat (Ugh, it makes me want to barf just TYPING that shit) situation is that he has totally RUINED all of my best Top Gun fantasies!!

Seriously, the whole Maverick/Hillary/Ice Man sandwich thing I had going on in my mind is now SHOT, and Goose just doesn't fit the bill! Well, maybe Wolfman, but it's just NOT THE SAME!!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot, you braces-wearing, couch-jumping, girlfriend-imprisoning FREAK!! Just shut up, put on some sunglasses and take your pants off the next time you feel like a bounce on the couch and at least everyone will still find you charming!!

Or...is that just me?


I was laughing over the pictures that first came out when TomKat took his kids to a soccer game. Not only was the belly quite evident, but Katie appeared to have an *outie* belly button. I never had that with either kid even at 9 months! 'Course, I probably have a lot more padding under my belly button...

What gets me is how truly ugly her "coat" (if that's indeed what it is) looks. The structure and pattern makes it look like a bathrobe. Maybe she just grabbed Tom's robe since her own coats no longer fit?


Maybe she is having a faked "Soap Opera" pregnancy - you know - the ones where the woman dresses in lumpy clothes and then steals a baby from some other unsuspecting woman?

Or, perhaps the lobotomy did the trick.


And tall girls usually show less due to all of the available real estate.

Seriously. My eyes burn everytime I look at a picture of them. Where's my spork?


Her face looks pretty pregnant to me-- she looks exhausted and semi-nauseated. Maybe the weird little scientology aliens are having their way with her?

But I think the crazy lady bathrobe is definitely adding some heft to her midsection.


Omigod! Are you trying to say that...that...gulp -



MJ's more probably to me at this point. Who am I kidding, my feeling is that there's better chance of the baby being the love child of A SEALY POSTURPEDIC family member (or maybe a lone wolf throw pillow?), but hey, that's just me.


Hey! Did you know the Spork was invented in Clinton???


this would explain a few things...

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