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November 18, 2005



Ha- i shared this (almost exact) moment with honey a few nights ago. I told him exactly what he was wearing and what he said to me, and all he could remember was telling me my car was about to die! (Which it was...but still!)


Heehee..this is a common occurance in our house. Not so much about the day we met, since I had a chip surgically implanted in his brain.

We had a school fundraiser the other night which I told him about, oh, FIVE GAZILLION TIMES. Of course, when I mention it the day of, he looks puzzled and says, "That's tonight?"

He never forgets his weekly jam session with his peeps, though. FUNNY, THAT.


In my household, it's usually J that remembers more things... I do remember like it was yesterday the first time we kissed and the firs time we had more intimate moments (ahem). But he'll remember some of the more mundane things, like conversations we had 9 1/2 years ago. Admittedly, though, much of what he remembers IS related to some sex-type activity (such as, "remember the night we tried out that new sex toy? and we tried that new chinese place")

Maybe Mike doesn't remember the times when you'd consider yourself a dork -- (of course, because there can't be many of those) maybe he only remembers the times when you have been stunningly beautiful and perfect in every way. That's what I'm thinking. And if he's smart, that's what he'll admit to. ;-)


My husband is really fond of not answering direct questions. He'll sit there quietly, then act all surprised when I'm like, "Well?!!"

Then he'll say something about how he thought I was being rhetorical...


food and sex - nice combo, J. (I mean,if you're gonna have a memory. heh)speaking of which......we're waiting for chinese food right now (whuuuu? you thought I was gonna say something else?)
re: me and these "isolated" dork incidents. Um, not for not, but have you not been reading the same blog that I've been writing??? Ooooh, how I wish. maybe he just blacked out from my hotness or something and doesnt recall anything prior to my Hotlips Houlihan moment.


I've got one: Tim and I don't even agree on where/how our first kiss took place. I should blog about that crazy evening.

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