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November 22, 2005



Who is THE cutest??? A match made in heaven, I tell ya!


Now you need to tell the story of how you got busted.


I still have "typer's cramp" after all that. give me a minute.


I think that's a cool story. I really love the part where you show him the pillowcase. ;-)


How romantical!
Beautiful story...now if we can hear HIS version of it... hahaha
I'm curios as to what Tim was just talking about........hmmmm



I was oblivious to the whole thing for a long, long time. Mostly because I'm self-absorbed, but also because you and Mike were very stealthy and secret agent like.


How could he not remember that?!

You're a beautiful bride, by the way...


Hey Roo, we're not married. That was a picture of us taken at someone's wedding. We're engaged now...that's what I meant. I guess I shouldn't assume people would figure that.


Yeah, I also loved the following bit-It cracked me up!
Oh, and I've been to the Beer Garden. Just thought I'd mention that.

"Yeah, so here's that pillowcase I was talking about."

At this point, I was practically presenting it to him like he was Lord of the Linen Closet or something.... "Your pillow, Sire."


Even after Meg and Tim let me in on that information, I still didn't believe it. You guys were very tricky!


...wiping away tears...of laughter, of joy, of envy.

Wish my story of meeting the Cannon was a adorable.

(Or, for that matter, could be as well-written. Well done.)

Excellent work! But seriously, Jen...you didn't KNOW WHY HE WAS WALKING YOU TO YOUR ROOM?!?!



I won't say it NEVER entered my mind but if you knew Mike, you wouldn't think that he would try soemthing like that (decent guy, and also I'd just moved in a month ago - imagine if for some reason, things got sour??) I didn't think he'd want to risk that.
So,while there was about 10% of me on the side of "he likes me", 90% of me thought that he was trying to relay something (do your damn dishes, kid) w/o getting me all defensive or whatever.


I have to admit the story is pretty accurate. Of course the author has her own special spin, but accurate just the same.

I know this is shocking, but I do not remember the pillow thing at all. Of course anyone who knows me, is not shocked by that.


Mike is hereby christened "Lord of the Linen Closet."


The pillow Moment, as it shall now be known, was a pivotal moment in the forward movement of your relationship. Which is of course why you, Mike, Don't recall it and why Jenn, despite her woozy Corona beer haze, was able to snap out of it to inscribed every living detail on her concious everlasting memory.

Girls are like that.

And, I sweat to GOD I have the same flannel sheets. I have not, however, presented them to anyone as a precursor to romance.


I loved that story. And I'm especially jealous of the flannel sheets.


This story cracked me up! The pillow was too much!

I just stumbled across your blog from Dawn's, and I also live in Boston! Well, right outside of Boston. I am loving your posts!

But... no details about the kiss?


Dear Halloweenlover,

There was tongue.


The Clueless Tramp That Writes This Stuff.

CAPlastic Surgeon

OMG the pillow case is hilarious. I've had some awkward conversations so i know what that's like. I really had a hard time not lol at work over that one.

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