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November 28, 2005



What gets me is that Meg broke out the boas. That they were so easily accessible, like, in a special emergency boa box in case your friends come over and you do faux karaoke breaks out.


also, ganked a photo for my own bloggy purposes but will credit.


Oh, you are so going to be invited again. I have spilled much worse on that rug, like an entire bottle of red nail polish. The rug's days are numbered anyway.

Thanks for the great re-cap. Friends + many drinks + karoke + boas = much fun!


Good. It's comforting to hear that it's the RUG'S days that are numbered, and not my welcome.

Jess, do you recall asking me to work on the music, maybe get some 80s tunage and then we said at the same time, "so that we can work on our routines"?? It was a v. special moment.
Also, you are NOT a soporano but like me, an alto. there were a few lines in "if I had a million dollars" I thought I heard some of Meg's more fragile wine glasses shatter in the background.

By the way peeps, the collection of people flipping me off (highlighted in the text) is no longer tagged "private" so you can see them now, if you are so inclined.


Sigh. It looks like so much fun. I am envious.

And the song is "Home on the Range".

BTW, I passed a fancy schmancy Bedding place on 5th Ave on Friday night, and yelled out "Lord of the Linen Closet" to my husband. You are always with me.


I agree, it's critical to propose to your peeps with the sparky napkin ring. I do it all the time.

I think your hair does primarily look brown BUT I see the slightest of red glints. I think it looks nice though. Verrry slick.


um, who am i looking at in that photo??? drunkard. my apologies to ms. and the future mr. once more, as i was alseep mid buckle in the driveway. thanks for getting me home safe.


Col, you'll recall we had about 3 cameras on us like we were being attacked by the paparazzi. I think I was asleep by the the time we go to to the end of Meg & Tim's street.

Nance, I have a word for ppl. like you...."SILENCIO!"

Dawn, hee. So, did you explain LOTLC to your husband? Or does he just know to expect these kind of random, nonsensical outburts from you?


Did you know that Tiny Dancer was a selection? I'm looking at it now (and practicing).


Jess, that is AWESOME. I can't wait to mess with the lyrics w/ Tony Dannnnnnzaaaaaah.

remember, you're an ALTO, girlfriend. AN ALTO.


Dude, there are also voice lessons. I just did a couple.

Jer and I just tried to do "You're the one I want" and the fact that I am a very low (and flat) alto just smacked me in the ass.

What? Doesn't everyone practice karaoke at home on Mon night?


So, everyone, after reading this, Mike said to me, "mess with the rams, you'll ge the horns?? it's 'bulls', jen" and I'm all DUH but I went to Rockville High and we were THE RAMS and I made it up because I am original like that and it was kind of a pun b/c rams have horns too and also proving how tough people from Rockville/Vernon are. GOD. NEVER QUESTION ME AGAIN, MICHAEL. NEVER AGAIN!


No one remembers that my dog jumped on my arm and spilled my wine all over the carpet?

Thanks for taking the blame, Jen.


First of all milk does the body good. Secondly, I enjoyed watching crowd drink and be merry. I was thinking, "is this what I look/act like drunk? God, I'm funny." Also notice it didn't take any alcohol to get me to join in the flip off fest.

Hats off to Meg and Tim for a lovely elegant dinner. Good times, good times.


Chris, did you not see how upset Mike made me when he tried to correct me? Why, Chris, WHY????
Yeah, there was absolutely no hesitation on anyone's part when whoever it was that suggested that we, um, show some "team spirit" for the pic. It was like we had been practicing our whole life for that moment. Like we're the Rockettes...of finger flippin.


Nothing says the holidays like flipping off a camera.

Your hair is brown. And it looks great.


Your hair looks gorgeous and not at all red.

Sounds like a great party!


Roo? H-lover? Thank you, ladies. btw, I am copying those comments to Mike & Kate & Tim & Nancy as we speak. heh. See people? Was that so hard? see how docile I become?

(on a side note: it is getting just the teensiest, tiniest bit, um, lighter. BUT NOT RED. That is for dang sure.)

(side note part 2: Mike has the over/under of 10 days til I say I hate it and want to change it. any takers?)


OK, I give. It's brown. But I don't think if you did happen to have them that red "glints" are a bad thing. You wait, I'll find and scan a picture of me from college. You'll see what red (we're talking fire engine red, a little temporary hair color "oopsie") is really all about.

I don't think you will want to change soon -- it looks great. My husband likes it too (in a non-threatening way, no worries for Mike.)


Patatta, patotto.

Brown, Auburn, Chestnut, ...whateva. Call it what you want, it's a good color for you. And if it has a touch of red so what? What's the problem with reddish tints?


Thanks, Meg. It's not that I think red = bad (tho I've tried it, and not for me. if I think I could pull off a debra Messign hair color, I'd go for it). it's just that is you go and pay **$85 + tip** for "X", you should expect and get "X" not X+Y or even 1/2X(Y), know what I means? I had a certain idea when I walked in, was all. And when your sister 1st comment is, "Woah, lotta red, kid", ditto Mike, there is a certain knee-jerk rxn. that happens with me i.e. SHUT UP YOU TRAMP, NO IT ISN'T (or, you know, whatever).


Listen, I'm the expert in hair color I have been all shades. Best comment ever, "it looks purple." -Jess 2000. So listen sista a lil' red ain't so bad and it will tone down. This from a woman who WANTED Debra Messing and got Lucille Ball, okay?

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