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November 11, 2005



Damn, now I've got "Down doobie do down down, comma comma down doobie do down down, comma comma, down doobie do down down, breaking up is hard to do!" (neil sedaka) in my head. A total flashback from my mom's favorites when I was a child.

I had a kid-free, work-free day today too. Hit Starbucks AND IKEA AND TJ Maxx. Got a gingerbread latte (my favorite) but those damn Starbucks SOBs got my order messed up. Hate those MFs. But love IKEA and I got the cutest suit at TJ Maxx.

I'm rambling too. I got more than 8 minutes sleep but not by much due to young child who shall be sold.


NANCY!!! what the hell!? Now THAT will be stuck in my head. RAGE!!

Ikea, TJ, and Starbucks all in one day? Kid free? Nicely done, miss.

Maybe they should have "kid rentals"? You know, when you feel like having them around, you can pick one up at Kidbusters.


Why the hell are you still awake?

I wanna hear some funky dixieland, pretty mama come and take me by the hand.
By the hand, take me by the hand pretty mama, wanna dance with your daddy ALL night long.


And now I've gotten you back for making me sing "Hold me Closer Tony Danzahhh"


I have some truly fucking evil internet friends.



STOP! In the name of love! Before you break my heart!


As long as we're doing the evil songs stuck in our heads, here's what's been TORTURING me for days.

"Let it lift you up
Let it get you high
Shake your body, let your spirit fly
Hey baby I'll give you a lift"

What is this evil, oddly drug-referenced song? A SHAMPOO commercial. It might be Garnier Nutrisse, I'm not even sure, the song is so mind-suckingly irritating that I don't even pay attention to the product it's supposed to be selling me. Stop the Insanity, indeed!


I don't know what *you're* complaining about: I've had the Backstreet Boys in my head for days now because of you (though it's totally making me laugh to myself like a crazy woman).

Speaking of crazy-making: I've been around the world and I I I, I can't find my baby...

Now I think I'll go roll myself a doobie.


It would appear I have little if no pull on my own damn blog.

To the ladies who like to be evil and all sorts of wrong: It's on. Revenge? Will be mine. And it will be sweet. very, very sweet.
p.s. I know show tunes.


Peppermint Mocha Latte's at Starbuck are incredible! We should start a movement to make them a year round beverage!

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