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December 03, 2005



Ha ha ha! This is a great strategy. It wouldn't work in our house, unfortunately, because I'd probably have to take the girls with me to give J time alone (which would negate any real opportunity to spend the "bribe money.")

Ooh, the Superbowl's coming up -- that should be worth some serious big bucks. Wanna come down to DC for the weekend then? We could do some serious shopping. :-)


I want in on that action!

Maybe Mike would up the stakes if you started involving other annoying people in the scheme. "I was inviting (insert obnoxious friend's name) over to scrapbook our Rick Springfield memories today. What's it worth to ya NOW?"


That is an excellent strategy. Yes, excellent...


Tim is a sports fanantic as well. I never knew it could be a money making opportunity! This could become a corporate scheme ya know. Like when he's playing games on the computer or just reading a book I'll charge him to left alone. "Pay-offs for peace" we could call it. Whatta think?


Rocky, you need to EMAIL me your briliantly evil ideas as Mike reads these.
Chris, I laughed out loud at your idea - I think I could find a company to make the "pay offs for peace" t-shirts.


Me likee.

And just wait. You can get more money someday when you offer to disappear AND take the child. Easily worth $150.


Ooohh Dawn! Yes! Double or nothin' pay-offs. This could really be something (as I have one on the way). This could not only be a corporation but a movement of sorts. There could be two levels of pay-offs. "Pay-offs for peace" AND "Pay-offs for total peace". Oh yeah.

Look what you've started Jen!


Is this where I add a "Hey-hey-haaaay!"
This is such girl power I can't even believe it.


I was beginning to think that this plan had the feel of a brand-spanking-new utopian society, and that there would be documents drafted and ratifications and so on (women in white wigs and wooden teeth and much pomp and circumstance)...and then I realized that this idea was nothing new. It's the same concept as prostitution.

I'm okay with that. But I think Jen should come up with a pay scale - a list of services, if you will - to establish some benchmarks.

What's a good scheme without bureaucracy?


I suppose one *could* see it as a bastardized version of prostitution (instead of "keeping a man company", we agree to leave him solo, heh) OR you could spin this as an equalizer of payscales. That 70 cents on the dollar still gets my knickers in a twist. "Hey, brutha, how 'bout forking some of that over??"


LMAO I am gonna have to try this with my wife.... though I may have to up the ante becouse there are kids involved :P


When you're married this looses some of the effect with the whole "shared bank account thing". However, it's permission to spend money, and I like it. My brain is spinning on the ways I can use this technique to my own benefit.


ehhh, we tried the whole share bank abount thing and fought way to much about money. So we keep out own and share bills and expenses. So this could really work for me. *insert evil laughter*


We have a shared bank account "The House account", if you will - and then I maintain my very own checking account so I can buy shoes with no superfluous comments that frankly , just bring me down.

So, he could write me a check out of the house account - and I could deposit it into my own account.

And now, I realize how very anal retentive about money I sound, cause I don't like to share - even if you have married me and fathered a child upon me.

PS - I tired to get some payoff this weekend. It was a no-go. I have to rethink my strategy


dawn, you need to find him in a moment of weakness/desperation. It can't be a casual, Oh, I see you are watching/doing XYZ...you have to either see the annoyance/frustration in his eyes with people being around him or be armed in advance that this particular event if REALLY important to him and somehow you're put out.
My free tip: you gotta be out of the regular season for this to work. Playoffs fare much better, particularly if his team is participating.
OR if he wants to blow off something for it, that's also a good time to bring up the "pay offs for peace" methodology. Also, make it look like they're getting a break. "well, a night at the movies, incl gas for the car, popcorn, soda etc. would have cost ya $50. I'm cutting you a deal at $40." see?

Look at me all Tony Robbins here. I should really teach a class or something.


I am totally being cheated. I am going to tell my husband he has to pay me to watch tv. That's it! You're a genius.


Newburyport is in MA. It's two towns up from being in NH. It's actually the smallest city in MA, and they're very proud of that distinction. I lived there for 9 years. It's a great city!


yeah I was 100% sure and took a shot (and guessed wrong). Thanks for straightening me out. And yeah, it is a cool town (why do you think I got 50 bucks out of the deal?? heh)

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