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December 02, 2005



Sounds like a good friend. Those good-friends-that-are-also-work-buddies are a rare breed. Unfortunately for me, my current best work buddies seem to be committed to fattening me up. (Fred and I are into going out for huge lunches, and my bud Kelly made me a big, layered carrot cake for my birthday.)

Since J isn't a big new-music lover, I get my new music ideas from others in the blogsphere and from my brother. My brother will occasionally make me an awesome new mix, and I'll practically wear out my CD player listening to it. :-)

p.s., I love me some Beaker.


Just so you don't think it's one big love-in between us, he can also be credited with the follwing comment:

"I love the photo that you have on the web site under your profile. It catches people by surprise and they think 'I bet she's "special" so I can't make fun of her like I want to.'"


I'm fairly certain that I could fall in love with this guy. Even if that really *is* what he looks like.

Is he single?


I remember when my friend L quit my sucky workplace of a few years back. At lunch, everyone had their work BFF but me. Sniff.


Roo, it's been said to him, "man, you're like the older brother I never wanted"cuz we used to intentioanlly piss each other off at work. He also like to use the Socratic method when answering my work related questions. This also bugged me and I would be all, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION!!

Rocky, sorry girl, married, 2 kids. But if I know him as well as I think I do, you totally made his year.


He is hysterical. I cracked up at Hugh Jass. Ha! Good friends at work are LIFESAVERS.

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