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December 04, 2005



I cannot bear the adorableness!!


So cute. You can tell they are related -- same eyes and smile!


I thought I remember Sarah adding that she really liked Santa's "outfit" specifically, not just the matching of the three of them. And duh mom why would you EVER wear green when everyone else is wearing RED???


Did she slip them something to make them so authentically happy? Seriously, usually kids look like they have just gotten a close look at the "Pedophile in the Santa Suit" and are rightfully screaming for their lives.

These kids look happy..... and relaxed!


Oh and Kudos to Sarah for being able to assess fashion faux pas by her mother at such a tender age.


actually, that's just how they are (Owen has got the be the most mellow, happy baby I've met). Yeah, Sars got a keen eye for fashion. I think she could get her own cable show, "What Not to Wear - Kids Edition".



Someone bring those cuties some M&Ms!


I am so impressed that they are sitting still, with those beatific smiles on their faces. I need to borrow some of those drugs for my own kids and our Santa visit.

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