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December 05, 2005



That sounds too much like mint chocolate chip ice cream, which, as everyone knows, is Satan's favorite dessert.


Jen, you know I dig you, but---Coffee Mate is the swill of horned beasts (i.e. Satan, as referenced above). Now, I've never had the peppermint variety, but the original stuff makes coffee taste like a chemical cocktail, so I suspect that this stuff tastes like coffee flavored chemicals with a minty aftertaste.

[start disclaimer]This is my own humble opinion, of course. I'm not even really a fan of flavored coffee unless it's a dessert type thing or an afternoon pick me up. [end disclaimer]


SAT-AN??? (which when you word jumble it spells SANTA which means something awesome I think.)

So, do you think I would want to ingest a "chemical cocktail" w/ aftertaste and promote same?? it's good. I'm tellin ya, it's good.

If you're a coffee purist, to each their own.

yeah Tim, I know, you & MCC ice cream have never been on speaking terms. I remember Mike saying that's why he bought it, to guarantee he'd have some left. heh.


I guess I am not a big peppermint person. Actually I am now drinking a large (refuse to say "venti") eggnog latte from Starbucks, which cost me like $5,000, but is very tasty. I actually think Starbucks is the devil but I needed to get out of the office for a bit. And I had a gift card.

Guess you wouldn't care for the egg nog thing, though.


Okay first of all there are no chemical tastes here. THIS STUFF IS AMAZING, even kristof who is anti flavored anything puts on the puppy dog face and says "can you make me some of your special hot chocolate?" so it's not just a strange pregnant woman craving. I don't even know what it tastes like in coffee. And you don't need to use a lot, just a little splash will work to give it a nice little pick me up. The fact that we now have to keep multiple things of this stuff and whipped cream in this house for this purpose has to speak for something. Coffee mate has come a long ways I must admit.
The pumpkin spice flavor is good, I wouldn't stock up on it,but still good. I have not tried the egg nog flavor though so I can't speak to that.


Mmmm, it sounds yummy to me. I have been trying to recreate the taste of Starbucks Mochas at home by using Nescafe Ice Java coffee syrup. Mixed into cold milk it tastes EXACTLY like those bottled Starbucks Frappucinos. And in hot coffee with steamed half n half it tastes a lot like a Mocha. It's alot of work but we just don't have enough money coming in for me to spend $3.50 on one coffee. I need GIFT CARDS!


I'm sorry Jen, only one word comes to mind and it rhymes with snarf. I don't like peppermint either.


I can't believe I am friends with you people.


I'll have to check it out. I like their French Vanilla. And my husband only drinks coffee if it's all doctored up and girly, so he might like it too...


Jen, I think it sounds wonderful. Peppermint and chocolate is almost as good as peanut butter and chocolate (except the latter doesn't quite work with coffee). I have added it to the grocery list.


Thank you! I actually bought the little bottle of peppermint syrup from Starbucks to make the drinks at home, but this would be PERFECT for coffee! Thanks for the review!


I keep hearing about all these wonderful creamers out this year...but I have yet to see any at a store near me.

It must be an East Coast thing. And thus the East Coast/West Coast feud continues.


Hi Jen,
I don't know you but came across this while searching for someplace to buy this very creamer. It is no longer at my local store and I am almost out. Waaaaah! I agree with you--it is delicious and it helps me save $100's by keeping me out of Starbucks.

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