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December 19, 2005



Oh! Oh! New car smell!


I'll take the Ginger Altoids. Thanks. :)


do i sense gift cards in everyone's future??? keep it simple...


When in doubt, go practical - everyone uses shaving cream at some point. And razor refills are a highly underrated gift.

There is also always the "Love's Baby Soft" gift sets.


Hey, the grocery stores around here do sell all sorts of gift cards for other places (Best Buy, Toys R Us, etc.)

Asprin makes a lovely gift. Maybe some Depends for the elders on your list? Tobacco products? Little containers of creamer from the coffee bar at the mini mart? The possibilities are staggering!


I believe it was our second Christmas together that George purchased a waterpic for me, on Christmas Eve, under similar circumstances thus earning the title "Mr. Romance” that he still proudly carries today. It was declared a permanent moniker, when, for a special surprise, one day, he brought home a hand truck, for me...yup, a bright red hand truck. Even better, was his explanation “I didn't think an 8 mos. pregnant woman should have to bring the trash around without help." Step away ladies, he's all mine.


George sounds like my kinda man.


Ugh, law firms are the same way. Nonstop working up to the new year. It sucks.

I'll let you in on my secret for this year- www.bestdealmagazines.com

I bought everyone I know magazine subscriptions! That way, I just make up a cool little certificate telling them what they are getting and I'm done! Hurray!


Teri, Couldn't we ALL use a handtruck tho? Who says romance is dead. Speakingof craptastic gifts, do you remeber the year my dad bought mom for her birthday, got her generic cocoa butter lotion and CVS nylons?? I don't know if these were "from the kids" or from him (I think him). I remebmer her fake smiling her way through it. How do you respond to that?? Normally, I'm a fan od pop but I would've kicked his ass.

Dawn, I haven't thought about Loves Baby Soft in AGES. I used to wear that in 5th-7th grade. Do you also remember Jean Nate (sp??)in the yellow bottle. My mom got that as a gift once - stuff smelled of cleaning solution. ACK.

Ooh, mag subscriptions- Duh, great idea. (actually have to renew Mike's...shit!) And easy.


careful when you knock jean nate...i think gram still uses it.....


I concur...my Gram STILL asks for Jean Nate. But her sens of smell is probably gone by now.


Hey - don't knock the Altoid idea...fresh breath is FAR TOO underrated a thing in this country.

Plus, I've been busy as hell and have actually considered them myself...=)

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