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January 03, 2006



Jen, I'm gonna go broke buying all this good stuff you keep pimping. I've got two containers of Coffeemate in the refrigerator right now (Jess, I'm sorry! So sorry!), and when I go to the mall later today, I guess I'll have to add BBW and Starbuck's to my list of stops.


Hey Julie,

My thought is I'll try to keep the recs around 10 bucks or less. (unless it's "way wicked awesome")Deal?

btw, I bet if we snuck CM into jess' coffee she'd never even KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. Oh, she'll come over to "the dark side", just you wait. And who will be sorry then?! huh, jess? mwah-ah-aaaah....


You've sold me on the lip stuff. I've rediscovered BBW lately and I'm really liking it, especially all the new lines.

Still not a Starbucks lover, though Bite My Cookie's tried to convince her readers to try their new (old) cinnamon cake stuff. If you do become a barista, could you try to convince the Bucks to cut down on the pretentious sizing lingo? Why say TALL, GRANDE, VENTI when small, medium, large would suffice???


I LOVE the B&BW Aromatherapy Lavendar stuff...any of it! Woo-hoo! They just passed a coupon for a free lip product to me when I went to indulge in their after Christmas sale....I guess I'd better use it....that coffee breath is no joke!


I feel weird ordering their "sizing" too. every so often I order a medium.

V- I have their Lavendar Vanilla ("sleepy") stuff as well. THo, I love the way it's packaged in the old school, cobalt blue bottles. I am a marketing team's fantasy.


I would KNOW the difference. Must resist.

Next you're going to tell me that decaf tastes as good as the real thing.


Methinks the girl doth protest too much, (Jess) (just wanted to use the word "doth" in a sentence). But I do feel that is quite a leap to make the decaf comparison. Kinda like when Mr Casarella would single a kid out for running in the halls, and the kid would say everyone is booking it to class and he would counter with the sage, "so if everyone was jumping off the brooklyn bridge, you would too?" See, that is how I view your Coffeemate/decaf analysis. Running in the halls, jumping off a bridge - huh? Coffeemate serves a purpose and can be quite beautiful(po-e-tray, really). Decaf, by contrast, does not and is not.
The End.


I'm seeing a common thread in the products you pimp. What's next, your favorite minty toothpaste?

While don't "do" coffee or coffeemate, I do plan to check out this lip stuff. It looks pretty cool, however I am quite partial to Blistex DCT.


Yup. Tried it. Love it. Rocks.

So do you.

I'm into short sentences.

Wonder why. Will investigate later.


The other day a very happy barrista fixed me up a sneak peek of another new flavor-- Marble Macchiato-- a blend of white and dark chocolate mocha. C'est tres tres bon!

I like the product pimping, yo.


if you ever need a product guniea pig whore, please give me a call.

i know where they put the GOOD CEREAL!!!

extremely naive to anything 'new and improved'.

i can't even begin to tell you how many different FLOSSING devices I have purchased and used once...only to get bored.



Hill- you get an extra point on the final exam for that answer.

Stella- did you know that in native american, Jennifer means "Free gift with purchase"? Little trivia, little trivia...tho that's pretty funny. I shall christen thee "Prophylactic Purse Lady". PPL for short.

Nance - in a moment of solidarity, today I did the "Lambada of ordering" at SB and asked for a "large". I wonder if there are chatrooms for deviants like me.

Roo- you know I don't speak spanish.

Meg- shows how much you know. I don't even HAVE a favorite toothpaste. (how you could not know this?) I also like the Carmex brand (tho that's for snowboarding so I look cool)I like the smell of it.


Re: "Nance - in a moment of solidarity, today I did the "Lambada of ordering" at SB and asked for a "large". I wonder if there are chatrooms for deviants like me."

I love you, man.

If you find one of those chatrooms, let me know.


yeah, incredibly they knew what I meant. imagine that.


Okay, I'm catching up on a weeks worth of reading and I'm an old fart, so it would be too weird to comment on young boys on TV being hot an' all....but, am I the only one to find that phone message, a riot? ("uh, my arms are about 35 inches long") Gotta love a guy who can make you laugh, esp. on an answering machine.


Did you know they now sell this stuff with lip tint already in it? I did not think it could get better than the fresh minty breath and lip gloss in one...BUT I WAS WRONG!!!

I am oddly addicted to this stuff

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