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January 21, 2006



sweet jesus.

what in the hell is in there? Tom's career?


Maybe it's the real L. Ron Hubbard, or a hell of a tapeworm


i bet it's her previous good sense trying to break free.

what is up with that crazy bitch, anyway? Tom Cruise is the human version of mad cow disease.


It's an alien baby, I tell you. It expands and contracts at will depending on how weird TomKat is acting on that particular day.

Either that or they're making up the whole pregnancy thing and planning to conveniently adopt some newborn around the time of Katie's "due date."


That's freaky, I can't wrap my mind around it...


Just another part of their freaky publicity stunt.


That's freaky. Consider yourself validated.


Whatever alien lifeform it is, I'm sure it will soon be bursting out of her belly to jump on Oprah's couch.

Sarcastic Journalist

I really have troubles believing that she is pregnant. I've seen her in person; she weighed about 2 pounds. I'd think she would have "plumped up" allover a little more.


What!? Meh. You are SO GLIB. You have no idea what you're talking about!!



I don't think she's preggo. My belly would be smaller on some days, but it never looked like THAT, it never looked as if it wasn't even there. The last two pics look like she has NOTHING!!!


YOU DON'T KNOW, ROCKY. C'mon, have you ever been pregnant. I haven't but I KNOW PEOPLE WHO HAVE. That's irresponsible of you to say that, Rock.

I'm w/ Nance, the most that will come of this is a secret adoption around the (HA!) due date.

Do they not realize that the general public IS NOT BLIND. Stupid, sure, I'll grant you that. But BLIND??

SJ- Holy cow, when did you see her?!

Beth- speaking of cra-ray-zay- see the pic on the bottom left? Mad Cow looks highly contagious. Crazy face.

Di- yeah, looks like lately they're abandoning the whole "pregnant" look. Maybe she'll look 8.5 mos. tomorrow.


Um...am I the only one who sees that her belly could be big in every picture but look different depending on the tightness level of the clothing she's wearing?

I mean, the girl has the ugliest feet, ever, but I don't believe she's faking it (well, the pregnancy, anyway).



we gotta talk.

Mrs. Harridan

Tim, where have you seen her ugly feet? Not that I don't believe you, I am just curious to see ugly feet on celebrities (god knows why).

I really find it difficult to believe she is pregnant. I keep hearing stories about how her family is sick over this union. I'm with Nancy on the adoption theory. And Oprah will be right there pretneding the baby looks just like them. Feh!


I think Tom is a hermaphrodite and thus incapable of reproducing (except with himself.) Hence, why he and Nicole adopted. Hence, why he had to have Katie impregnated with an alien baby whose size keeps changing and/or why they will have to adopt a live human baby near the due date (after carefully disposing of alien baby or sending it back to its daddy's home planet.)


too funny. Where did that come from?


This is very interesting. I am not sure how they think she is due this month. I mean, that belly is NOT the belly of a fully pregnant lady.



Pink is the New Blog linked the collage yesterday. Someone at Boomspeed.com made it.

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