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January 21, 2006



First, I just noticed the quote from "Anchorman" in your banner; I wish I had thought of that!

Second, it is quite scary how good preschoolers are at computers and even video games. When Ryan was 3 he could load and play a "Blue's Clues" computer game without any help, and could also put in a video and start the VCR. Some day they will be laughing at us as they take over the world.


That sounds like my kind of free day. Next year I'm going to remember that daycare is OPEN on MLK Day and maybe do something fun, sans-kids. Like veg in bed and watch a movie. I'll just need an adopted sister.

Big-A and her classmates fight over who will use the computer in the classroom. They are all so proficient with the mouse that it scares me. In a couple of years I bet Big-A will be taking over my blog (she can talk to all my other blog peeps' kids, nieces, and favorite children.)


One word of caution: In a few years (or months with her speed), she'll learn to surf the web searching for spongebob and barbie games to downnload. After one weekend of having Mackenzie and Leanna playing on our computer, we had a hard drive full of downloaded viruses. Thank God Tim is a computer geek and knows how to fix all that stuff. I would have needed a new computer with all the havoc they wreaked on it. The computer is a great source of entertainment for the little ones, but there is a lot of scary stuff out there that they don't know is bad to view or download.


Bwah-ha-ha-haa! Your first step towards total world domination is complete!


I don't know if you made up that "backwards Stations of the Cross" bit, or not...but it gave me a belly laugh on a crappy day!...great post


Whoa. You were storing up the words, huh?

Soon you'll be bringing little Owen over to the dark side, as well.


Yeah, you totally had a better MLK day than I did. I had to work. I think Dr. King would have preferred your day to mine.

Congratulations on converting your niece. Just think, 10 years from now she'll be getting grounded for the rest of her life for running up a $500 cell phone bill from text messaging.
They grow up so fast.


Did you just quote "War Games" at the end?


um, I may have quoted War Games, yes. I mean, how long til she's dreaming in code (which could launch nuclear missles?)

Ter- actually my friend Mary from CT said that to me, IN CHURCH, as we were getting our ashes. Truly redefined the term "getting the church giggles". we're probably both going to hell for that.


I once taught my boss'three year old daughter, Alyssa, how to tie her shoes. I could literally see her brain figuring it out as we did it over and over. It was quite remarkable to behold, I must say.

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