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February 12, 2006



Yes, we've ditched ours, although hubby still uses one of them there old fashioned radios to listen to games while at work.

I do recommend satellite radio though, in case you need to add one more bit of technology to your life.


We mostly listen to music through iTunes and our Mac which has nice speakers attached. We still have our boom box and CDs, but we're not as space restricted as you -- although they do reside in the basement, where they never get used. We keep a clock radio so that we can get to radio for news if the need arises.


Found your site through Mama Tulip's - I have to agree with Contrary, XM radio is where it's at. We don't have a big, bulky stereo (we do have a cheesy, cheap orange, yes orange, boombox for the bathroom though) but there are times when I'd rather have my XM radio than cable - except I'd die w/o net access I think. Can't.. breath.. suffocating.. in.. diapers and cheerios.

Whew, even the thought had me hyperventilating ;)


The Jeep has XM for the desert, can't beat that- with 1100 watts sound system. Question- what should I do about my 8 track player? Does this mean I am obsolete?



I still listen to a radio almost every day. In the kitchen or whatever. I'm not as used to using the ipod as I should be...I'm like, oh yeah...where is the Ipod...I should listen to those songs I downloaded. For me the Ipod still seems to be a lot of work.


We ditched our radio and then I missed it. I mean, I just can't get ready in the morning without NPR. So now we have the iHome, which is awesome. I love it.

(but it makes too many beeping noises when you set it. Blah!)


Hmmm, I guess it would depend on how big it is. I just cleaned out my closet and threw out tons of clothes, and I had to pretty much close my eyes and toss them or I would have put them back in. I hate getting rid of stuff!

Jess R

We're going to break down and get an iPod soon. Right now we're living in the Pleistocene Era with our radio and cases chock-full of CDs.

Steve Jobs

Our family has been using the iPod for almost 8 years now. With all the available accessories, the iPod is the only audio source you will ever need.


we ditched the stereo and we are completely iPod, with the exception of a Sony under-the-counter cd/radio. which i highly recommend, it has really good sound quality!


yeah, think I'm gonna ditch it. they've come a long way in making smaller cd/radios players smaller since 1992 I think. And am pretty sure I don't need the dual tape deck anymore.

wow, steve jobs reads my blog. amazing.


I have an mp3 player but refuse to give up my big ole boom box.
I'm still holding out hope that one night after a fight my husband will beg for my forgiveness with a Lloyd Dobbler-esque gesture. If I get rid of the boom box I kill any chance of that dream coming to fruition.

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