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February 03, 2006



This post is one of the best things I've ever read.


"I know You made him and all, but seriously, what a dick." -- HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


Yeah wait until I get the pics back from my 1st dance off from the w-end before my b'day. You will see how far I have come from that pic I linked in this post. FIERCE!

Gradual Gardener

Hysterical. I don't watch the show, but let me know if you get on so I can start!


I would watch, for the "duck and doxie" if nothing else! Love that picture you linked to. Kate doing the "Elaine"-hee hee:)


P.S. God? Also, what is UP with Tomkat? Seriously. I'm not the only one wondering down here. Should we start building arcs and hoarding food?

Very, very funny stuff.


I keep hearing about this show...I guess I need to stop watching "Bringing Home Baby" and actually watch something entertaining!


If you would wear it to work, I would make you a "Dancing with the Stars" dress. But you'd have to post photos.


Now THAT would be a sewing project I could get behind...(as a side note of possible interest: My entire body is only 20 inches longer than Stacy's legs.)


Loved this. Loved. This.

Oh, and since you two seem to have such a good dialogue, could you see what you can do for me and the Jake Gyllenhaal situation??

I was just wondering.

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