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February 25, 2006



Withered, dysfunctional balls, but balls indeed. Wow.


Right after they dope it up , they drive up her to race cars on Ice.

Perhaps in their flyers they wrote:
"Right under the DEA, so you know it's quality!"


Balls of STEEL, dude. Balls that I don't have.


This Anthony Carroll guy has guts. While selling prescription drugs from his cubicle, he finds a hidden camera in the smoke detector, calls the police to come take a report about it, then called back and "unexpectedly cancelled the request"? Ya think?


Wow. What an idiot. And the camera thing definitely takes the cake.

(Thanks for the smokinggun link. THAT guy definitely needs an ass-kicking.)


Kinda makes you wonder why we're consistently losing the war on drugs, huh?


Nancy said it all. Hee Hee!

Raider Mike

You know how to figure out when you have great friends? When none of them call your mis-spellings out in their comments. (Persciption/Prescription)
(Potayto/Potato) Whateva...


raider Mike,

Clearly you are drunk.


p.s. I know how to SPELL. Typing, as many of my friends will attest to, is not my strong suit.

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