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February 07, 2006



You are Keeeling me.

Nakedness? Dear Lord, may my White New England Ass see some kind of firming and toning and bronzing before that occurs.

Please come to Blogher so you can sing the "Holy Moly" anthem to me


For some reason, I'm picturing the Holy Moly song to the tune of "Wooly Bully."

That perfume you got sounds really pretty.

Yes, I can hear perfume.

Well, I'm glad you made it to Florida and out of the porno club, er, erotic dining establishment, alive.


Damn, Roo, I'm hearing that tune now.

Also, I'm hearing that Cure song, "Let's Go to Bed." Wouldn't that be a great advert for the club? Yeah??

Sephora is so dangerous. One time I bought a tiny $50 tube of lotus eye cream. Another time I shelled out $80 for a bunch of Bliss products because I'd just had the baby and felt frumpy and this gorgeous sales rep hit me up. You know, the whole implied "buy this and look like me" trap/crap.

Still, now I really wanna go to Sephora...


I will pay two dollars and fifty cents to the person who can find that Spanish song I modeled "Holy Moly" after (that is what the words sounded like to me). I was thinking Ricky Martin did a cover of it, half assed a look around iTunes, and couldn't find anything. It's a "You'd know it if you heard it" kind of song/anthem.

You know what's also awesome? Spellcheck. And proofreading. GAH. Half a sentence went AWAL on me. Christ, I mean, I'm unemployed, I HAVE the time. least I can do for yas.

Nance, I was trapped by a gay dude. what does that say? do I have "tendancies"? heh. I stayed away from the high end skincare shit because who knows what works and who knows what stuff will do the same jon for 6.99 for a gallon at CVS. I don't even know what skin type I am to be messing with that stuff (do I have large pores? beats me.)

yeah, I wasn't exactly ready for my um, "close up" that night. Not to mention I would have been busted pretty hard for my fake boobs (the kind you put into the bra or solo and require double sided tape...double side tape remnants are a bitch to get off.


Oh...you're supposed to BUY stuff in Sephora? I just make-up Little A to look like a fairy and then leave.


Hey! Sebs isn't fat. He's big boned.

I have that blush. Sephora is a place of many wonders. I've recently started ordering from them online because you can get all kind of free samples (cool ones, when you have a code). Plus, the one in the Pru is always a mess.


I am sooo disappointed that you did not bust out the nakedness. I thought it was once more WITH FEELING. Geez.


Oh, I totally woulda had I not just eaten a heavy meal...ya, I'm not totally lying right now.

"yes they're real...And they're FANTaSTIC!"


your photo was AWESOME. thats about what i look like coming out of sephora too. lips usually RAW from trying on colors and furiously wiping off with kleenex's...smelling like 20 different perfumes AND colognes (cuz you know youre lookin for your man too)...

i am always so tempted to buy the frederik fekkai products, b/c when i was in NYC i got my hair done once, and $500 bucks later...i seriously didn't wash my hair for like a week.

and seriously...i am not even shitting you...that was like 5 years ago, and I STILL HAVE A DOLLOP OF CONDITIONER left in that 12 ouncer they MADE me buy.

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