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February 01, 2006



Holy crap, Jen. That is very scary. You have somebody looking out for you on high, that's for sure.

I am very glad you are OK.


OH. MY. GOD. I felt like I was in that freaking car with you. I'm glad your ok! And had a happy birthday after. Wow...I'm thinking that wine was the highlight of that night!


Jen, I'm glad you're alive, with not a scratch on you, and with some yummy tiramisu in your tummy. Sorry about your car, and your life-threatening birthday.

Jen's guardian angel: Well done!

Maybe next year she'll give you the ability to bend steel with a plastic scraper-- though I hope you'll never need that skill again.

Also-- That picture of your old Jetta is CRAZY. How did that happen, exactly?


OMG. I just realized you have a birthday curse going on too. Yikes.


Here I am, imagining a dog wrapping the present and then BAM! An accident.

How scary and how lucky that you weren't really hurt.

I'm also really, really glad that you get all these weeks off to recover and rest.


Oh Jen, that is TERRIBLE. The mass pike is an EVIL EVIL THING. And those stupid trucks with the salt, evil evil also.

I'm so glad you are okay. The pics of the car from your mom's birthday are FREAKY. If I'd been in that Celica I would have wanted to die from the fear. Geez.

Glad your birthday ended well, though.


thanks guys --I'm really fine. I lucked out once again.

the jetta incident, the cars in front of me slammed on their brakes, and there was a bmper to bumper to bumper accident. I slammed on mine and avoided the car in front of me. However, there was so much torque (think that's the word) that my car went into the ground. Had I been going any faster, I would have flipped. the back end popped up and the car behind me, a low sports car, rolled right under me - NO damage to the bumper at all ("just" to all the "not important stuff" underneath, so the car was dunzo). airbag went off too, and again, just got whiplash and not a scratch. btw, having an airbag go of on your face is really really bizarre (Why are there clouds in my car?)


Jen, I am so glad you weren't hurt. Sorry about the car, though.

I've never had an airbag go off but my husband did once and it left marks like rug burn on the inside of his arms. It was the only part of the accident that caused him any hurt. Go figure.

"6 Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers an hour"-hahaHA!


Holy Crap. Wow.

Also, glad you made it off the pike unharmed. From now on, no driving on your birthday or anyone elses, either.


Good lord and I thought I had been in some crashes. You must have had some birthday luck working for you.


Shit, girl. I was in a really scary head-on collision once: my car flipped 360, landed half in a ditch and was then hit by a second car. The other car involved in the head-on flipped into a LAKE and there were 2 children in it. WE ALL WALKED AWAY. Amazing.


I got scared just reading that.

I am so glad you are okay. I live in MN and driving in the winter can be scary.

Remind me to tell you about my front hood highway incident.


Clearly, Hank had this all aranged as retribution. Will he will stop at nothing?


the scary part is, that thought had occurred to me.


The Jetta accident!!!! Scary shit! Dude- did the person in the Celica have clean underwear when they got out of the car???
I've been in some scary accidents myself, the worst one (My SUV flipped four times down a ditch on the side of a highway where there was construction) left me with a one inch scar under my eyebrow. And a baby. But besides that, no damage.
Glad you're okay!!!


Holy shit Jen. I am so glad you are okay. I can only begin to imagine what you were thinking. And I can hardly believe that's all the damage there was to your little car.

I'm glad the rest of your birthday was so much better.



I was holding my breath through that whole thing.

How did you not get hit on the MASS F-ING PIKE?!?!?!?

That's a hell of a birthday present!

I'm glad you're ok!!

Give that VW a nice long drink of ultra-premium...:)

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