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February 27, 2006




maybe you could paste it together with clear nail polish?

i have the opposite problem - i'm growing a second nail on both my pinky toes.

how did you rip it?!


no clue, it may have been during soccer, kicking something (ball, human?). that's the only thing I can think of. And since it didn't/doesn't hurt, I don't normally check my toenails for rips.

Mrs. Harridan

OK, I have had this happen, so here's my advice: rip it the rest of the way off. I know, you don't want to, but the sooner you rip, the better; it'll get growing and you can forget about it for a little bit, whereas if you keep the nail attached it'll wiggle around and drive you nuts, or you'll catch it on things, even with a band aid. You can cut it with nail scissors if the ripping idea is too gross.

Then, you can put a little band aid over the nail to protect the new, tender skin. Take the band aid off at night to expose the skin to air and toughen it a bit. In a month, the nail should;ve grown enough to look/feel OK, and by 2 mos. it'll be back to normal.

Good luck!


Ew. I don't exercise, so I can't contribute to this discussion. Oh and ew.


Okay-- this works for fingernails, though I'm not sure it'll stand up to a game of soccer, but, here's what you do.

Get a teabag and empty the tea leaves out of it. Cut the papaer so it is about the same size as your nail. Put one coat of Hard as Nails or something similar on your toe, and while it's wet, put the tea bag splint on it. Then put another coat of polish over it, and let it all dry.

The teabag should become almost clear when coated with the polish, so it won't be too visible. You could also paint some colored polish over top of it after it dries, if that floats your boat.

I've sometimes done two layers of teabag splints for a nasty tear, which might not be a bad idea for a toe. It's important to let the first layer dry completely before doing the second one, though, or it'll never dry all the way through.


I don't have anything to add except to say -- holy cow, Roo. I'm impressed with your toenail splinting knowledge.


Yes, roo, you are the font of all torn toenail knowledge.

And also, Owie Ow Ouch!

Good luck with that!


What roo said...
I did it for my fingernails whenever they decided to play tricks on me with the strange splitting.


uh- oh. the toe is beginning to feel a tad...uncomfortable. I don't know if wearing pointy shoes which pushes pressure onto the toe was a good call.

I can't check to see if I am at One Third Toenail Status cuz I'm wearing tights. Besides which, I am afraid to look.


I had this happen twice from wearing pointy shoes. You need to resolve this FAST as sandal season is (yeah, right) approaching.


The sooner you get to growing the new nail, the better. This happened to my middle toe, so it wasn't as obvious, but it's unsightly at first. Better to keep that early-stage eyesore under wraps. Let it get as much fresh air as possible and think about a larger size on the pointy-toed shoes (because, really, there's no way you're going to quit them completely, right?)


then I need Madge and Mrs. H to hold my hand or actually one pin me down & the other to do it.

I guess I'm scheduling surgery for tonight. fun fun.

HAD to be the Big Toe. and it's low. (I'd try roo's deal but the nail is so thick.)

(this is so gross, this is so gross)


Don't rip. Cut. Get some nail cutters and cut the nail as far as you can without exposing too much and without it hurting too much.

That's my two cents.


Ow. My toes hurt just reading this.

My advice is some nice, thick socks and a nice big glass of wine.


Just cut the toe off. Four toes on one foot is the new "thing".

No really. It hurts, like hell. I rip my pinky toenail off all time. I used the "My little Pony" Tattoo bandids and still wear the shoes with the padding of the 2 ply bandids

Raider Mike

Go to your friendly podiatrist. Had an ingrown toenail once (ouch). They numbed the toe, and creatively trimmed it so it grew back cleanly, and with no jagged edges. If you value your toe, and like to have it neatly presented, this may be the way to go.


The Teabag thing works great.. i cut my nail in half with a razor blade and searched for a cure on google and found this blog so i glued it together with superglue and 2 layers of teabags.. after a little high grit sanding you cant tell its there and might be stronger even!


Hey, dont know how I found this site but I know the best cure for your toe nail,go to a nail salon and hve them put a layer of acrylic on the nail. It like hard as a rock and might even hold up to soccer. I have had it done before on fingernails and toes. they do put antifungal and bacterials on there that burn like crazy for a minute but it is worth it cause soon as they get done you can kick a foot ball with almost no pain. then just file it smooth as the edges grow out and eventualy it willall grow out on its own.
I have lots of friends who have terible spliting toe nails and keep a layer of acrylic on all their toes and my nails are like that so I have had acrylic nails for 20years. I give them a break for about a month a year, but if I dont have the acrylic I can even use my hands.... modern miracles!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck

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