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February 16, 2006



I would have given you a week, at least. As usual, you exceed all of my expectations.


yeah, who knew there was an area where I was an "over achiever"? news to me.


Now that's something you can put on your resume: "72 hours (or less!) for me to touch co-workers asses."


it wasn't really an accident, was it? ;)


An accident??? right.


I believe the "72-Hour Ass-Grab" clause in the standard HR manual differentiates between the "Open-Palm Grab" and the "Closed-Hand Nudge."

Which one was it then?


I'm impressed! I've got almost a year under my belt at my job and I have grabbed no man-ass.

Of course, I touch dog butts all day (it's my job! I swear!) so I may not have any room to talk.


How long until you grab a female co-worker's butt?


You might not have done it on purpose, but what about him? Nicely timed stumble, I'd say.


I love that I can read Roo's Comment AND see a picture of her right next to it!

Yes, There is a Whole new "Sexual Harrassment and You" video being developed, right now. In your honor.

Actually, I think that might be kind of awesome.


he got the "backhand" I guess, so I did not really get to check the goods. "maybe next time." I mean, he aint ugly, so I guess it could have been worse.

Yeah, there's a whole "do's and don'ts segment of that video I could be featured --demonstrating the Don'ts obviously.


No "Cheek Check", what? You had a 10 on the "Artistic" card, but only a 6 on execution, without the check.

Did it at least come with his acknowledgement of the unfolding event?



"palm UP, Jen. Palm UP!" damnit.

Next time I will stick the dismount. or something.


That's funny. I had a similiar experience in the store I work at. I was in the back room which is really small and packed full of lamps when my hand accidentally brushed my boss's ass. I immediately sadi "oops-sorry about that" as my face turned red. His reply was "don't apologize-I might have enjoyed that." If you knew my boss you'd be shuddering with the gross out factor of that comment. Yuck!

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