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March 16, 2006



LOL - A dry St. Patrick's Day parade? In Southie? That has to be the ultimate in oxymorons.

Discretion and courtesy for those families along the parade route is a fantastic idea, but I agree with you that a dry parade would result in very few spectators - and significantly less participants.

And, really, from what I've heard, it'd be kind of hard to suffer through that without a little pick me up here and there.


Oh. lord.

Why must everything be family fucking friendly! I like families, I do. But to quote GOB Bluth: C"MON!


That's just silly.

Mrs. Chicky

I think old St. Patrick himself would be insulted if there was no (responsible) drinking being done at the parade. Its Southie, for chrissake. In March. Let the people have their fun. Enjoy yourself, wish I didn't live so far into metrowest so that I could easily hop over to Bahston to enjoy the festivities.

BTW, like your blog.


The whole notion of a dry parade is HIGH-LARIOUS. Mucho laughing going on over here.

Maybe the author of the pamphlet is just upset because no one ever gives THEM free beer. No one ever comes to THEIR parties. Not everyone can be as cool as Jen.


It wouldn't be the Southie Parade if Jen didn't pour beer on my foot.


"Not everyone can be as cool as Jen"--HL. So true.

"It wouldn't be a Southie parade if Jen didn't pour beer on my foot."-Tim. Sadly, truer.


oh wow.

had to have been a republican.

i would have a hay day with something like that showing up in my mailbox.

you should have some strippers at your st. pattys day party. on the patio. for all the neighbors to see.



my brother lives in Southie and he has been having a party for 8 years or so (he now owns a house in Southie so he does not live on the parade route, but the party continues)and we have been going to the parade since I was a kid. My mother actually provides irish coffee's to many along the parade route - even people she dosen't know!! Whenever we can we come up from Atlanta to the parade (we are stuck in ATL this year) and my kids love it - drunk people and all!! That is part of the GREAT thing about Southie! We'll be in Southie in 2 weeks - Shenanigans here we come!! If you see a 50ish looking woman passing out irish Coffees parade route - ask if her name is Mary Ellen :)


When I read the flyer, my first thought was..."but it's St. Patricks Day. There must be BEER!".

How silly.

I hope you can still have fun. Despite all the "fun haters" out there.


You could always pass out crack pipes as a way to do your part for the community. There's no alcohol in crack!


No public drunkeness on St. Patricks Day?

What is this world coming to, people??!!


sadly, they're promoting this propaganda onto the airwaves. Zero tolerance, blahblah. I'm sure I'll be reporting on Monday how it all goes down.


Hey, I'm a Republican - and I would NEVER try to tell you what to do for your celebration! Sounds like some tree huggers to me! Why can't we all just get along???? Anyway, it's not like you make the marchers show you their boobs for drinks - or DO you, Jen???? LOL


Kate, no..I am not down with making a guy show his boobs (tho in 30-something degree weather that could be interesting). In fact, I'd give him the beer to keep his clothes on.

btw, I went to RHS/from vernon.


Yes, my nephew J Palmer went to Rockville, around when you did. I sent him a link of your blog because it is so great. Hope you don't mind a "stranger" making comments?


Um, I believe I GRADUATED with your newphew. 1991. I am the hot, shy one. except not hot.


WELL, I actually found your blog when I Googled "Rockville High Vo Ag" looking for future info for my offspring. I started reading and couldn't turn it off. J lives in FL now. He also recently heard from Matt Manuel (do you remember him?) he's going to Africa as a missionary. Kid you not.


WHAT? Manuel? a Missionary? Yeah, that blows my mind (think it's awesome but blows my mind)


Yup, all those guys "got religion". Must have been the hockey. Hey, UConn won! Time to celebrate! G'night!


That's like askin the San Francisco Gay Pride parade to be completely Glitter free.

And I too would like to see less family friendly events. Show your ta-tas Jenn. Disney already has my pound of flesh, they don't need yours yet too.

Matt Parsons

Funny. I stumbled on this post and also find it interesting to see Matt Manuel on a Missionary tour... He tourmented me in High School. I got to the point I didn't want to see him or his friends in the halls or in any of my classes.

Luckily we all get past the ackwardness of High School and get beyond it. RHS from 87-91 was a learning experience. I wish him luck.

Mateo :)

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