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April 09, 2006




That is all.


See now, we would have forgotten all about the Lap Dance Reenactment and Wine Fest of Oct. 2005 if you hadn't linked to that picture.

And I say kudos to you for buying that DVD. Take the DVD player to the repair shop, hold your head up proudly and say "My LAP DANCE DVD is stuck!". I bet you get a priceless reaction!


and to think, I also bought The Grapes of Wrath last night, too. But this, THIS, is what gets jammed.


oh god.

is that CRACK i see in that first picture?



no, but pretty darn close*. def. aren't lap dancing jeans, they're SRO jeans. well, for me, chick with no hips.

*if it is, I'd just assume not talk about it.


Yet another reason to hate that bitch Carmen.

And I won't laugh at your "Lap Dance " workout video... I'm sure Mike is all "Hey Honey - don't you want to do that Lap Dance video? I'll be like Resci-Annie ( the CPR doll) for you"


Hey! I want one of those lap dance videos! It'll make up for the fact that I refuse to wear thongs. I can do my lap dances in my granny underwear.


Next up: pole dancing with Pamela Anderson. Hey, it's gotta be aerobic, right?


Either way, the DVD player is ruined. Once you get the disc out, it will still be tainted. You'll have to clean it out with a mixture of bleach and gasoline, and then get it some nice antibiotics...


Well, it was a nice thought-- working those core muscles is very important.

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