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April 03, 2006



Oh lord. I don't really remember you calling Mike a lot. I do remember he was being a brat and SLEEPING. Whatever.

I'm sure Jeremiah also wishes that he had been *sleeping* when we called. Poor kid.

I ate pringles for breakfast the next morning.


I guess I like my new phone? This is not normal behavior, btw. I hate the phone.


would you like to share with your readers how long it took for you to get the phone OFF speaker phone....or HOW you came to find out it could "easily" be done?


I did try. Ijust like other people to do my work. Like, um, turning my cell of speaker.


what cracks me up most about this post is the whole

'are you sleeping?'
'uh, yeah'
'ummm, still yes'

part. Finance and I do that all the time. He'll be all like 'so what do you NEED?', and I'm all thinking...why does it always have to be about NEEDS DAMMIT. what ABOUT WANTS??? WHAT ABOUT WANTS!!!!



Apparently, I used to call Terrances office line while drunk and leave lengthy obscene voicemails. Then I would forget about them.

Apparently his secretaries thought they were tre' classe' - cause as RB would say I am a "damn classy lady"


Heh, you must be a trip to party with.

"You drinking?"



"Yep, see?"

(5 minutes later)

"You drinking?"


Serves him right, choosing to sleep instead of partaking in things Scotch and Parcheesi-ish.

(I'm puttin money on him hiding your cell phone the next time you go out.)


yeah, you know I'm drunk if I am actually OFFERING to go grocery shopping.


What a kind, patient soul he is.

And how ancient I am - I'd rather be sleeping than partying too.


Sounds like great fun! How could he want to miss it. I'm shocked.


He passed up drinking, Parcheesi and a late-night snack run for golf? Sheesh. Men.

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